Three Reasons Why Cheryl Burke is Perfect for 'The Bachelorette'

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Three Reasons Why Cheryl Burke is Perfect for 'The Bachelorette'

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Cheryl Burke might be the perfect fit for "The Bachelorette."

Cheryl Burke looks to be campaigning pretty hard to land a spot on "The Bachelorette." The stunning star, who is best known for her showcasing her moves on "Dancing with the Stars," has expressed a strong interest in finding love on the next season of the hit reality show. "I did meet with the execs but we'll see what happens," she said. "There hasn't been a firm offer, but if they offer it to me I would love to do it." No announcement is expected any time soon, but Cheryl is already getting support from some pals. "Being on that show would probably give her a variety of personalities and let her find someone that truly fits her," said two-time "Dancing with the Stars" partner Emmitt Smith. When you think about it, she would be a great choice to star on the show. Here are a few reasons why Cheryl should be the next leading lady on "The Bachelorette."

She brings star power

Usually, the women on "The Bachelorette" are former contestants on "The Bachelor." While that formula has mostly worked, it might be time for something different. Cheryl brings a fresh face to the mix, and one that most people will recognize. Not only will her "Dancing with the Stars" fame draw more viewers, her non-"Bachelor" background would bring a whole new perspective to the show. Remember when former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer appeared on "The Bachelor" in 2004? By choosing Cheryl, this could be the most intriguing season of either show since then.

She's got the necessary dating background

Cheryl would bring the kind of dating background to "The Bachelorette" that makes her easy to root for as she tries to find love. "Over the summer I dated a couple of guys and it turned out all bad," she said when citing her checkered dating history. "So I just figured if someone were to make the choice for me then maybe I'd have a better chance of meeting someone good!" That sure sounds like someone that is in it for the right reasons. As an added bonus, Cheryl already has fame as a reality star. That should make it clear that her appearance on the show is more about finding love than it is about finding fame.

She can showcase her moves

It's no secret that Cheryl can dance. After all, she has finished in the top three on "Dancing with the Stars" six different times, including taking the top prize twice. Can you imagine all of the dates she could devise that involve dancing? If you thought Ashley Hebert challenged the guys to show their dance moves during the seventh season, just imagine what Cheryl can do. She's no stranger to competition, so she could have a lot of fun making her suitors battle it out for her.

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