Three Reasons Why 'The Big Bang Theory' Deserves Love from the Golden Globes

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Three Reasons Why 'The Big Bang Theory' Deserves Love from the Golden Globes

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Should 'The Big Bang Theory' take home a Golden Globe?

The nominations for the Golden Globes will be revealed on December 13 and most of the attention will be focused on the movie categories. After all, the Globes serve as a nice preview for what we can expect at the Oscars. However, we can't forget that TV shows are a part of the ceremony as well. This year, it would be a travesty if "The Big Bang Theory" is overlooked for a Best Comedy Series nomination. After being nominated two years ago the show was overlooked last year. Here are a few reasons why the HFPA should right that wrong by giving this hit series the recognition it deserves.

The show is getting better with age

"The Big Bang Theory" is in its sixth season, which is typically a time when sitcoms are showing their age. By this point the novelty has usually worn off, and the characters seem a little more boring as each year goes by. However, that trend doesn't apply to this show. If anything, "The Big Bang Theory" is better now than it was in its first couple of seasons. A lot of that is due to expanded roles for Amy and Bernadette, two great characters played by Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch respectively. They've helped keep the show fresh, and that means that the quality is still there. This show should have won a Golden Globe by now, and it's still good enough to deserve one. Hopefully, it will get that chance with a nomination on December 13.

The acting is incredible

Everyone knows how brilliant Jim Parsons is as Sheldon, the android-like nerd that is the center of the show. He's already been recognized with wins at the Emmys and the Golden Globes, and there's no question that he deserves those honors. However, Jim is not the only great actor on this show. Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, and Simon Helberg are all fantastic actors that are perfect in their roles. They, along with the rest of the cast, make this show worth watching every week. When you have great actors, you have a recipe for success. Not only should "The Big Bang Theory" be nominated, but it would be nice to see a couple members of the cast earn some recognition as well.

It's the top-rated show on TV

Sure, strong TV ratings don't automatically make a show great. However, the fact that so many people tune into "The Big Bang Theory" every week is a sure sign that audiences are connecting with it. This is the most watched sitcom on TV, and it takes a certain level of quality to achieve that. Between funny writing and great acting, audiences have fallen in love with this show. People want to see their favorites earn nominations at the Golden Globes, so that is a good enough reason to invite "The Big Bang Theory" to the awards show party. The Emmys have seen it fit to nominate the show in each of the last two years, so there's no reason for the Globes to repeat the mistake they made last year.

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