Three Reasons Taylor Swift Should Be Jealous of Miley Cyrus

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Three Reasons Taylor Swift Should Be Jealous of Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus

Engaged pop tart Miley Cyrus has revealed that she will not have "47 weddings." Indeed, she and fiance Liam Hemsworth will have just one, very special ceremony. She goes on to say that every fairytale element she could fathom will be a part of that dream wedding. We can't help but think of another pop star who dreams of fairytale endings: Taylor Swift. In fact, there are probably several reasons why the country crooner might be a little envious of Miley…

Miley becomes a "Diva"…

Cyrus will be joining Jordin Sparks, Demi Lovato, and Kelly Rowland on the VH1 Divas December 16 special - which will also honor late legends Whitney Houston and Donna Summer. Hosted by "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert, VH1's famous bash embraces a theme that's heavy on party and dance music. Sure, Taylor already graced the VH1 Divas stage in 2010. But the "Salute the Troops" theme, while poignant, was considerably "heavier" than this year's concept.

Good Girl Gone Bad…

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversy. Under-aged topless photo shoots, racy Twit pics, and punk hairdos are all part of Cyrus' Hollywood charm. The "Hannah Montana" star has effectively morphed into an edgy young adult --- which is probably why she's getting million-dollar porn offers. Ironically, even with all the debate surrounding Cyrus' flamboyance, she's managed to do her own thing with relatively little backlash. Although Swift is in her 20s, her syrupy image has become her trademark. No matter how hard Hollywood tries to give that image some "bite," she simply can't escape that juvenile persona.

Miley Cyrus has already found her Prince Charming.

Perhaps the biggest reason Swift might be green with envy is Cyrus' love life. According to sources, Taylor is desperate to find her soul mate. She's breezed through a litany of Hollywood bachelors, only to find disappointment over and over. Miley, on the other hand, has enjoyed at least three years (including a temporary break-up) with her hunky "Hunger Games" fiance. Ironically, both pop princesses share similar personal values. The difference is that Taylor expects all her romances to be like the movies, while Miley takes a more rational approach to cinematic love stories. "That's the one day where that movie crap is real," Cyrus proclaims of her impending nuptials. As more dreamy details of Miley's perfect "soundtrack wedding" are revealed, we'll wonder when (and if) Taylor Swift's soundtrack will ever play.

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