Three Reasons to Be Excited About 'Rock of Ages'

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One of the most anticipated movies of the summer opens on Friday, June 15. The 1980s-themed musical "Rock of Ages" will hit movie theaters for what is expected to be a strong first weekend. With the unique concept and impressive cast of stars, the buzz for this movie is about as high as anyone could have expected. If you're looking for a nice departure from the typical summer blockbuster, "Rock of Ages" seems like the perfect thing for you. Here are a few reasons why everyone should be excited for this sure-to-be entertaining film.

The cast is amazing

This cast is a mix of talented young performers and A-list stars. The young blood comes in the form of "Dancing with the Stars" alum Julianne Hough and 21-year-old actor Diego Boneta. Meanwhile, heavyweight actors like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Paul Giamatti, and Alec Baldwin add some major clout to the mix. However, the most intriguing name in the fold is the legendary Tom Cruise. The action star will step outside of his comfort zone to play a long-haired, tattooed rock star named Stacee Jaxx. This promises to be his most entertaining role since his hilarious turn as a studio head in "Tropic Thunder."

The 1980s are always fun

Everyone out there can still get a kick out of poking fun at 1980s culture. From the fashion to the music, "Rock of Ages" promises to be a time machine back to a decade that had a pretty distinctive style. One look at the movie's soundtrack should be more than enough to make you want to break out your acid-washed jeans and favorite glam hairstyle.

The dancing should be great

Director Adam Shankman knows his way around a movie musical with a huge cast. In 2007, he was behind the camera for the star-studded hit "Hairspray." There is no reason to think that he and his choreography team won't duplicate that success with "Rock of Ages." With this combination of music and actors, the dance numbers in this movie should be spectacular. If the little taste we got in the trailer is any indication, we will be in for one of the better movie musicals in a long time.

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