Three Music Styles Katy Perry and Rihanna Should Try for Their Duet

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Katy Perry has revealed that she plans to record a duet with her best friend and fellow pop princess, Rihanna. The girls are both well known for being fun and feisty, so their collaboration is sure to be an interesting one. Perry said that she would like their musical masterpiece to be like "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" by Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin. Honestly, this is no surprise but this isn't their only option. Here are three music styles Katy and Rhi-Rhi could attempt to use for their duet.

Bubblegum pop

Perry is best known for her brightly colored music videos, happy melodies and quirky lyrics. The "Firework" singer took cheesy music and made it cool with her risqué performances and bizarre outfits. However, her best gal pal is better known for being sexy, not cute. It would be really fun to see the Bajan beauty throw on a few extra layers of clothing and allow herself to be a little bit silly for once!

The "woman scorned" ballad

Everyone loves an emotional song about heartbreak! Adele has made a career out of them! Both Katy and Rihanna have had plenty of experience with break-ups, and even though different circumstances surrounded the ends of their relationships, combining them into one for a super ballad would be amazing to hear. The obvious downside is that a ballad would highlight Perry's vocal weaknesses, but her fans love her enough to overlook that small detail!

The "no meaning but totally hot" song

Okay, this isn't exactly a music style, but there are a lot of songs out there that are about nothing except providing mediocre singers an opportunity to wear next to nothing for their music video. Miss Perry and the 24-year-old from Barbados are both better than mediocre, and they are also beautiful and used to causing controversy. A collaboration is the perfect opportunity for them to create double trouble by releasing a fun track, with an accompanying video that gets people talking. Bad idea? Maybe, but it hasn't hurt Lady Gaga's career!

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