Ten TV Stars Who Make Less Money Than Homer Simpson

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Shockingly enough, Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) makes less per television episode than Homer Simpson.

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Shockingly enough, Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) makes less per television episode than Homer Simps …

For over two decades TV watchers all over America have laughed at the lovable donut eating dolt known as Homer Simpson. One person who won't be laughing at Homer any time soon is Dan Castellaneta the actor/comedian who supplies the voice of the cartoon character. Castellaneta, you see, is currently commanding $400,000 per episode for his work on the long running series. Sure he doubles up by doing some additional voices for the show, including that of Krusty the Clown, but still the amount of money Castellaneta is paid per episode is surprisingly a lot more than what more famous TV stars make. Here then are ten TV stars who make less money per episode than Homer Simpson.

Tina Fey

Show: 30 Rock

Character: Liz Lemon

Fey the creative force behind NBC's 30 Rock, produces, writes, and stars in the award winning comedy.

For her efforts on the show, Fey has taken home a few Emmys and Golden Globe Awards. Despite all of this, Fey is paid $350,000 per episode, or $50,000 less than Homer Simpson.

Steve Carell

Show: The Office

Character: Michael Scott

A co-star of Fey in the movie Date Night, Carell is a TV star in his own right staring in the NBC comedy, The Office. As branch manager Michael Scott, Carell took home a Golden Globe Award (2006) of his own for best actor in a comedy. Still, the award winning actor makes only $297,000 per episode, or $103,000 less than Homer Simpson.

Patrick Dempsey

Show: Grey's Anatomy

Character: Dr. Derek Shepherd

There is no denying that as Derek Shepherd (aka Dr. McDreamy), Patrick Dempsey has a huge female following. Known for his curly black mane and wistful look, Dempsey is an essential member of Grey's Anatomy's ensemble cast. Yet better hair and a fancy role are not enough to push the actor past Homer Simpson on the pay scale. Dempsey weighs in at $250,000 per episode, or $150,000 less than Homer Simpson.

David Boreanaz

Show: Bones

Character: Seeley Booth

Proving there is life after playing a television vampire, David Boreanaz has carved out a nice television niche as FBI agent Seeley Booth on the Fox series Bones. With five seasons under his belt and credits as a producer, Booth earns $200,000 per episode, which is exactly half of what Homer Simpson makes.

Julianna Margulies

Show: The Good Wife

Character: Alicia Florrick

As attorney Alicia Florrick in the drama The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies has added a Golden Globe Award to the Emmy she won while on ER. Though her show is currently a critical success for CBS, Margulies has a way to go before she has the earning power of Homer Simpson. At $175,000 per episode, Julianna is $225,000 from what Homer makes.

Tom Selleck

Show: Blue Bloods

Character: Frank Reagan

Tom Selleck has a proven track record both in television and on the silver screen, which is a major reason that CBS has signed the veteran actor to star in the new TV series Blue Blood. Still, even Sellack's star power is not enough to help him close the salary gap on Homer Simpson. In the end, Selleck's $125,000 per episode is $275,000 short of what Simpson earns.

Nathan Fillion

Show: Castle

Character: Rick Castle

Nathan Fillion bounced around television a bit before finding a show that he could go the distance with. The former star of the cult hit Firefly, is the current co-star of the crime drama Castle. For his effort Fillon takes home a cool $100,000 an episode, which is only a quarter of what Homer Simpson makes.

Alex O'Loughlin

Show: Hawaii Five - O

Character: Steve McGarrett

Like Fillion, O'Loughlin has not enjoyed a history of success on past shows like Moonlight, however the Australian born actor has found a new vehicle for success in the re-vamped CBS classic Hawaii Five-O. Like Fillion, O'Loughlin will command $100,000 per episode or $300,000 less than Homer Simpson.

Jane Lynch

Show: Glee

Character: Sue Sylvester

Jane Lynch's over the top portrayal of cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, on the surprise hit series Glee, earned her an Emmy Award. No doubt, the actress is a major reason for the show's success. However you wouldn't be able to tell by her pay check. For her role as Sue Sylvester, Lynch earns only $50,000 per episode, or one-ninth of what Homer Simpson makes.

Jim Parson

Show: Big Bang Theory

Character: Sheldon Cooper

Though he took home a well deserved Emmy for his role in the comedy, The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parson only makes $40,000 per episode. The amount is definitely not bad in a sluggish economy, but its only 10% of what Homer Simpson makes.


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