Ten Scariest "Celebrity Ghost Stories" of Season 2

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Which Celebrity Ghost Stories scared you the most?

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Which Celebrity Ghost Stories scared you the most?

Who doesn't love a good ghost story? Tales of floating apparitions, things that go bump in the night, and other mysterious encounters are the things great ghost stories are made of. But for some reason these accounts are much more fascinating when they involve celebrities. The Biography Channel has been lucky enough to get a bunch of famous people to share their personal experiences with the paranormal. Viewers have been treated to not one, but two seasons of creepy tales. Here are some of the series' most chilling stories.

Laura Prepon

"There's an old woman in your bedroom." Unless your Great Grandma happens to be visiting you, this is a phrase that you should never hear a dinner guest say to you. But on Bio's "Celebrity Ghost Stories" this is exactly what happened to actress Laura Prepon. Her haunted bedroom had always given Laura the creeps. But not until a friend's psychically gifted mother sent a long distance message to the ghost to get lost—did the woman retreat for good.

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern really poured on the scares when he described he and his wife's honeymoon trip to England. They explore the countryside, stumbling upon an old town-then wander around, immediately noticing that the residents don't interact with each other. Instead the people (all dressed in dark colors) meander through the streets in a catatonic state. The couple barely escapes, later discovering that the entire town is haunted. They're advised never to go back there. (You think?)

Daryl Hannah

Kids and ghosts are always a creepy combination. Darryl Hannah's experience hails from her childhood, when she encountered a strange woman at a remote house in Jamaica. She spent weeks learning about gardening and herbs from the peculiar black woman—only to discover that neither the woman, nor the house actually existed.

Michael Rapaport

Michael Rapaport was a troublemaking kid growing up in Manhattan. Sentenced to detention for the umpteenth time, this occasion found him assigned with another "class felon" to clean up some rooms in the basement of a public school in Brooklyn. Rapaport told the first frightening moments of their experience in the haunted public school basement in expert detail. Piles of abandoned desks housed ghostly shadows, movement, and yes, even dead animal carcasses. The story only goes downhill from there.

Chazz Palminteri

Chazz is attending a private dinner after which one of his childhood friends pulls him aside for a chat. Chazz excuses himself to go to the restroom and encounters a black suited stranger roaming around the closed catering hall. Revealing the momentary exchange to his buddy Dominic, it's revealed that the man was actually Dominic's deceased father. The story itself is relatively simple. But Chazz's authentic retelling and suave wiseguy film persona somehow add an unsettling slant to the tale.

Gina Lee Nolan

Attending college in Las Vegas, Nolan decided to rent a room in a family home rather than a pricey apartment. She loved the beautiful home, until—she had the unfortunate opportunity to stay there alone during the day. This is when a malevolent male spirit began terrorizing her. She heard and smelled what sounded like a major cooking party. But when she entered the kitchen, there was nothing. If you've ever stayed in an unfamiliar home, you realize just how scary a strange place can be.

Carol Alt

Model Carol Alt and her family buy a big old house on a bluff in Long Island, New York. Many of these celebrities' ghost stories take place in the remote mansions that they purchase. Perhaps that's why viewers might take pleasure in these personal accounts; "Ha Ha! That's what you get for being rich!" we think. Unfortunately for Carol Alt, a little game of tag with her boyfriend's ghostly doppelganger put a damper on her excitement about the new house. (Doppelganger = Instantly Creepy)

Charles Dutton

Charles Dutton learned the hard way, never to disturb a grave in a haunted New Orleans cemetery. The "Roc" star and his lady friend were visiting the cemetery in hopes of finding the famous grave of Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau in New Orleans. Along the way, they discover a partially opened coffin at a distressed gravesite. Dutton attempts to "reset" the man's resting place—but not before his girlfriend snaps a picture inside the coffin with her camera phone. Big mistake.

Marissa Jaret Winokur

Here's yet another story where "the victim" hears nightly kitchen sounds. But unlike Gina Lee Nolan, Marissa Jaret Winokur spent months hearing some very specific sounds coming from the kitchen. In addition to the sounds of food preparation, she heard persistent whistling. Finally ready to confront her noisy roommates, she bounds into the kitchen to find it (you guessed it)—empty. One night, Marissa decides to quietly confront whoever is in the kitchen—when she spots a creepy old woman staring back at her. It turns out that the old woman's spirit was a friendly one. Still terrifying nonetheless...

Mykelti Williamson

There are few things in the world more frightening than receiving a phone call from the dead. The "Forrest Gump" star introduces us to his mother, who in the early 80s warned him away from her house for days. When she finally allowed him in, she explained that Adrian, one of his childhood friends had been looking for him—and was now dead. Mykelti's mother apparently "saw" death on the young man, and was trying to keep her son out of harm's way. Later in the story we learn that the Bubba Gump star received a collect call from Adrian who yelled agonizingly for "Myke" to help him. Mykelti claimed to hear what sounded like crackling fire, screaming, and a struggle taking place—the most hellish sounds he'd ever experienced. (How can you not be scared witless?)

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