Ten Celebrity Dads I'd like to See Blog About Their Kids

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Brad Pitt to produce film adaptation of The Tiger

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Brad Pitt to produce film adaptation of The Tiger

We always know what mothers think because they don't hesitate to tell us - or anyone else. Dads however, tend to keep things to themselves. Here are the top ten Celebrity Dads I would like to see write a blog about their children to get their insight and "behind the scenes" viewpoint, if they were willing to share.

10) Brad Pitt- Pitt is nearly better known now for being the dad in of a multi-cultural brood than a movie star. Pitt should have a fascinating viewpoint on his children's development and activities, since some are adopted and some are naturally born to he and Angelina Jolie. The children are: twins, Viviene and Knox, born in July, 2008, Shiloh born in 2006, Pax adopted in 2007 (thought to have been born in 2004), Zahara born in 2005, and eldest Maddox was born in 2001. In addition, it would be interesting to see if they are helping their adopted children learn about their own cultural heritage.

9) Matt Damon - Damon seems to be a particularly caring dad and has already proven to be "wicked smaht". He would be quite articulate about his observations and has probably already done tons of research to support his ideas. Married to Luciana Barroso, Damon has three children - the first is Alexia from Barroso's previous relationship (born in 1998 and subsequently adopted by Damon). Luciana and Matt have two children together - Isabella born in 2006 and Gia Zavala born in 2008. It is rumored that the couple is expecting another child in the fall of 2010.

8) Johnny Depp - Depp has notoriously been a "bad boy" from his earliest years in the business. Fatherhood has mellow him, but he still has females swooning. A blog about his children would have to include his reflection on his own youth and how he sees it now, or how his children see it now. Depp makes his home in France with Vanessa Paradis. The couple has two children - Lilly-Rose Melody born in 1999 and Jack born in 2002.

7) Robert Downey, Jr. - After a long stretch of unfortunate self-destructive behavior, Downey has settled down and credits his relationship with his current wife Susan for much of his success. Downey is extremely bright and articulate yet struck straight to the heart by children. Perhaps he relates better to children than to adults. His son, Indio born in 1993 is from a previous marriage to Deborah Falconer. Indio has already begun his stint in show business. Certainly his dad would have many words of wisdom on that front.

6) Ricky Martin - Really out of sheer curiosity I would love to read a blog by Ricky Martin about his children. It might be hard for him to stick to the subject of his children, but he did say at the time of their birth that raising them would become his primary focus. Has he already started them in singing and dancing lessons? Does he want them to stay away from showbusines? Martin's adopted twin boys where born through a surrogate in 2008 and he has since publicly announced he is gay.

5) Dana Carvey - Carvey's children are nearly grown now, and they have been used as fodder for his comedy routines in the past, but throughout our lives our parents continue to see us as youngsters. Carvey could continue endlessly about his progeny and make even the most mundane situations seem frought with eventful possibilities. Carvey has two sons with wife Paula - Dex born in 1991 and Thomas born in 1993.

4) Robin Williams - Williams is a dad with grown children but I can never get enough of his slightly off-kilter observations. Sobered now with a heart operation and another recovery from alcoholism, his stories are sprinkled with a bit of wisdom and yes, even a bit of restraint. Williams has three children - his first from marriage to wife Valerie - son Zachary born in 1983 and two with recent wife Marsha - daughter Zelda born in 1989 and son Cody born 1991.

3) Will Ferrell- Ferrell seems to talk easily about his children and always has an interesting or funny anecdote to relate. He even used a toddler to play against as the mean landlady in one of his bits from the website "Funny or Die". Ferrell's blog would be a mixture of real with imaginary and plenty of "what if" scenarios for his children since he has such a long history with improv. Ferrell has three children with wife Viveca: Magnus born in 2004, Matias born in 2006, and Axel born in 2010.

2) Levi Johnston- Brought to the public by being the "baby daddy" of Bristol Palin's child, Johnston has managed to keep himself in the public awareness through posing nude, sparring with Sarah Palin and winning the "good sport" award by posing as Kathy Griffin's boyfriend in her show "My Life on the D-List". Now that Levi and Bristol have announced their impending marriage, it would be very revealing to see if a commitment to marriage and fatherhood will change the focus of this Alaskan hunk. Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin (daughter of former VP candidate Sarah Palin) have one child together - Tripp born in 2008.

1) Steve Carell - Carell's underplayed comedy "takes" on life are in stark contrast to both Will Ferrell and especially Robin WIliams. One may have to pay more attention to the subtlety of Carell, but his observations would certainly be worth it. He would be more likely to quote his children in what Carell perceives as naturally funny conversations. Carell and wife Nancy have two children - daughter Elisabeth born in 2001 and son John born in 2004.

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