The New Teens of 'The Voice' — Part 2

Ten More Young Singers Move to the Battle Rounds

The Blind Audition round is almost over on Season 3 of "The Voice" but more and more teen singers are making their way onto the show. On the last four episodes ten more performers under the age of 20 joined Team Adam, Team Blake, Team Christina or Team Cee Lo. Here's a closer look at some of the young hopefuls.

Melanie Martinez - Team Adam

Age 17 from Baldwin, New York

Melanie Martinez quirky, acoustic version of "Toxic" got three judges to turn their chairs around in the end she chose Levine because he recognized get originality. She told Milian backstage that she hopes "to touch people's hearts." On her blog on "The Voice" website she recalled that she almost didn't make it to the open call for the show when her car broke down before the midtown tunnel. But a kind stranger let her share a taxi. Seems like she's already touching hearts.

Adanna Duru - Team Adam

Age 15 from Walnut, California

At 15, Duru is one of the youngest competitors on the show. Her performance of "The Edge of Glory" prompted Levine to turn his chair. He was so excited to learn his new team member was so young and so talented with so much room to grow. Although she went in thinking she'd choose Shelton as her coach, she told Milian backstage, she was happy to be working with the Maroon 5 frontman.

Avery Wilson - Team Cee Lo

Age 16 from Hamden Connecticut

Wilson's rendition of David Guetta's "Without You" prompted all four judges to turn their chairs around. Cee Lo told him, "You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be a star. Wilson said he choose Green because he said they could learn from each other.

Joselyn Rivera - Team Christina

Age 17 from Pembroke Pines, Florida

The young singer credits music with helping her get through serious health issues and overcoming shyness. At age three a karaoke machine got her hooked on singing. She has not only beaten her introverted ways, but she's full of confidence now. She told Milian backstage that she knows she has what it takes to win "The Voice."

Michaela Paige - Team Blake

Age 16 from Boca Raton, Florida

Although viewers only got a glimpse of her in the Blind Audition show, 16-year-old Michaela Paige made a big impression. The Internet radio host has three shows of her own and spends her time promoting other artists. Now it's her turn. She told Milian backstage that she has just recently come out of her shell, developed her funky, mohawked-style and is excited to sing in front of millions of people in the battle rounds.

Brandon Mahone - Team Adam

Age 17 from Chicago, Illinois

Just listening to Brandon Mahone's voice, you'd think he was a 30-year-old seasoned soul singer. But he is, in fact, a 17-year-old recent high school student who says his grandmother introduced him to the Motown greats like Smokey Robinson and The Temptations. He also says his favorite singer is Michael Jackson. When he sang "I Wish it Would Rain" three of the four judges turned around for him, but he chose to be on Team Adam. After the audition he told Christine Milian that he went in thinking he'd choose Cee Lo or Blake but because of Levine's passionate plea, he chose Team Adam.

Sylvia Yacoub - Team Christina

Age 19 from Alexandria, Egypt

Yacoub moved from Egypt to the States when she was just five. Her mom taught her to sing after being denied the pleasure in her homeland. But she's not just a pretty face and a good voice she is also a double major in political science and philosophy.

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The New Teens of 'The Voice'

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