'Teen Mom' News: Chelsea Houska's Drug Rumors, and Leah Messer is Sick of the "Haters"

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Will you be watching "Teen Mom" this week?

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Will you be watching "Teen Mom" this week?

Drugs and "Haters" seem to be a recurring theme for the cast of "Teen Mom 2". This week has Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer under fire on both Twitter and the tabloids.

Star magazine and Radar Online are both reporting that a source close to Chelsea is concerned about the teen mother's prescription pill habit. Apparently, according to the unnamed and unverified source, Chelsea "pops pills that aren't prescribed to her and abuses the ones that are." The article also states that this source is also concerned about her every-night drinking habit, mixing the pills with alcohol, and the effects of being under the influence are making it hard for her to care for her daughter, Aubree.

Hopefully this is just a person making up a salacious story for their 15 minutes of fame, and this isn't true, because not only is trying to care for a toddler while you're mixing pills and booze irresponsible, it's also incredibly dangerous. "Teen Mom" has already had much-publicized legal and drug drama from stars Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans, it would be a shame to add Chelsea to the list.

Leah Messer on the other hand, isn't dealing with drug issues, but the other big problem for reality stars and that's the ones most critical of someone's behavior on TV...better known as "Haters." This week's episode brought out the truth about some of the problems in Leah and soon to be former husband Corey's marriage, and that's the fact that Leah cheated on him a week before their wedding. Definitely poor form, and fans took to Twitter to let them know how they felt.

Leah as well as the other cast members usually ignores the negative stuff, but this week she answered her critics on her Twitter page. She Tweeted, "...some people are seriously pathetic! Im [sic] glad I do not hide behind some screen and run my mouth. lol. #annoyed"

No, Leah, unfortunately for you, all of your life is played out for everyone to look at, judge, and criticize you for. It sort of comes with the territory... especially when you behave badly.

So what do you think of the Chelsea drug rumors and Leah taking on her critics? Has the "Teen Mom" gone too far from a docu-drama to salacious reality TV that's negatively affecting too many young lives at this point?

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