'Teen Mom' Farrah Said She Wasn't Drunk, Just Sick -- Other Celeb DUI Excuses

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'Teen Mom' Farrah Said She Wasn't Drunk, Just Sick -- Other Celeb DUI Excuses

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Lindsay Lohan

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham says her St. Patrick's Day DUI arrest totally wasn't her fault - she wasn't drunk, just sick.

"At 10 p.m., I tried to leave, and at that time, my sister was not ready to leave, so I had been sipping on drinks to pass the time," she told InTouch Weekly, adding that Omaha, Nebraska, police approached her while she was trying to take her sister home.

And as for those reports that she was combative against the police? All blown out of proportion , of course (heavy sarcasm intended here).

"Because I'm sick, I could not give an accurate Breathalyzer test, due to coughing and shortage of breath," the former reality star said of why her blood alcohol level was a staggering .147. "I have a lawyer and all will work out with my ticket."

Let's hope she learned her lesson, but it doesn't seem like it. Instead, it seems like Abraham is employing an old technique used by celebrities everywhere: Blame it on something else!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is the queen of excuses, but the excuse she gave during her 2007 DUI arrest was definitely the best. The actress was pulled over for impaired driving, but she tried to tell cops that it wasn't her fault - and that she wasn't driving.

"I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving," she reportedly told cops.

Then, she was arrested for having cocaine in her pants - and she told the police it wasn't her fault because the pants weren't hers. However, the most shocking was her belief that she wouldn't get in trouble because of her famous name.

"I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f**k I want," she reportedly told pals at the time.

Yeah, how'd that work out for you, Linds?

Graeme Swann

British cricket player Graeme Swann isn't exactly an American celebrity, but we just had to include him on this list because his DUI excuse is just so ridiculous.

According to British police, the athlete said he was driving erratically because he "had come back to find his cat trapped under the floorboards in his house. He had gone to Asda to fetch some screwdrivers to remove some floorboards."

Yeah… the cops didn't buy it.

Charles Barkley

Former NBA star Charles Barkley told Scottsdale, Ariz., police that he had a totally legitimate reason why he was driving impaired back in 2008.

"I was going to drive around the corner and get [oral sex]," he told cops, according to Arizona Central.

What's worse? He even said he'd tattoo a law enforcement officer's name on his rear end if he helped him get out of it.

Jeffrey Donovan

"Burn Notice" star Jeffery Donovan couldn't stop talking when he was arrested for DUI back in 2009. However, his words only got him into more trouble with police.

"Sorry, I didn't see the red light or your stopped car... The only mistake I made tonight was drinking Benadryl with 3 glasses of wine, I really think I'm only borderline and not too drunk," he reportedly told cops.

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