TBS Renews 'Conan' Through 2014 -- Some Great Moments from the Show so Far

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Conan O'Brien, purveyor of fresh music.

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Conan O'Brien, purveyor of fresh music.

It would seem that comedian Conan O'Brien's future is a little more secure, in the wake of TBS announcing it has renewed its contract with the ginger-haired funnyman for another two years of programming. Michael Wright, a TBS executive, said in an announcement, "We are proud to be in business with Conan O'Brien for the long run. " If that wasn't enough praise, Wright went on to say that," Night after night, Conan and his team have put together terrific shows that draw a young and fiercely loyal audience. As if that weren't enough, they have also built a dynamic online presence that keeps fans engaged like no other show in late night." Conan reacted to the announcement with his trademark self-deprecating wit, "This means I'll be taping episodes of 'Conan' well into the Ron Paul presidency."

Conan and company really have embraced the possibilities that the Internet provides in delivering ancillary content to their fans. The show's website is chocked-full of podcasts, fan-art submission contests, and live web cams, giving the Team Coco faithful something new nearly every day. This embrace of the modern age has helped smooth the transition following the massive fallout between O'Brien and his longtime former employer, NBC.

We thought it would be fun to look at some of the most fun and wacky moments of TBS' "Conan" show so far.

Will Ferrell Gives Conan a Shave - When he left NBC, O'Brien grew a beard, which became a trademark and a symbol of change for Conan and his fans. However, one star took umbrage to the facial fuzz and decided to do something about it. In one of the show's most hilarious moments to date, Will Ferrell took fiendish delight in plopping the host down in a barber's chair and buzzing off the red-flecked beard.

The Return of a Canine Pal - Part of the separation deal between Conan and NBC was that the comedian would have to leave behind all the recurring characters he'd created in his time with the network, including Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. When Conan returned to New York City for a week of shows last fall, Triumph came back and visited Occupy Wall Street. The result was some brilliant social commentary couched around potty humor...in other words, exactly what Triumph does best.

Tom Hanks Gets Soaked - On the second episode of the show, long time friend of Conan (and the person who actually gave him the "Coco" moniker) Tom Hanks dropped by. Proving that he's always game and up for getting a big laugh, Hanks took part in a bit for the show that ended in the actor getting absolutely drenched by a giant breaching whale in the backdrop of Conan's stage. The effect was pulled off using clever in camera tricks and blue screen technology, and is a great example of the kind of fun guests can have on "Conan."

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