Can Taylor Swift's 'Wonderstuck' Perfume Compete With Other Celebrity Fragrance Moguls?

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Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is venturing into the celebrity fragrance business with her new Elizabeth Arden fragrance, "Wonderstuck."

"I wrote the lyric, 'I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home,' for the song 'Enchanted' about the first time you meet someone," Swift said. "A fragrance can help shape someone's first impression and memory of you. It's exciting to think that 'Wonderstruck' will play a role in creating some of those memories."

The perfume includes notes of freesia, apple blossom and raspberry, along with middle notes of hibiscus and honeysuckle. It's scheduled to go on sale this fall.

It was fascinating to learn that you could layer so many different scents to create a beautiful end result," the "Speak Now" singer added.

She's not the first -- or the last -- young celeb to venture into the fragrance world.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was smart -- really, really smart -- to create the perfume "Someday" for his hoards of female fans.

"I'm more concerned about how girls smell because I'm a guy, and I know what smells good, and I know what I like, so girls should know, if [I like] it, then other guys are going to like it," Bieber said at the perfume's launch.

Now, Bieber is breaking records with the fragrance: Macy's has reportedly sold $3 million worth of it -- and that's just one store! It could turn out to be the best selling fragrance of 2011 if it keeps up at this pace.

Britney Spears

Britney is set to release her seventh -- yes, seventh! -- fragrance in August. "Cosmic Radiance" includes notes of mandarin, lychee, pear, peony, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. It also includes base notes of musk, amber, sandalwood and vanilla.

Will it sell as well as her other fragrances? Time will tell -- but we're sure they're giving out samples at her "Femme Fatale" shows.


Sexy songstress Rihanna teamed with a fragrance company last year to create her perfume -- "Reb'l Fluer" -- launched in January.

"My grandmother in Barbados used to call me her Rebel Flower," Rihanna said about the name inspiration.

"I wanted -- something that said 'Rihanna was here.' Something delicious and special, a fragrance with subtle hints that linger and leave a sexy memory."

Well, the racy ads for the perfume certainly left a sexy memory with fans! Oh, and she's already hard at work on her second perfume.


Beyonce also caused quite a stir with the commercials for her fragrance, "Heat" -- it was banned in Britain! The British Advertising Standards Authority said the commercial for the fragrance couldn't air during prime time because of "the sexually provocative nature of [its] imagery."

The ban didn't cool the sales of "Heat," though -- it sold 70,000 bottles in its first hour of release!

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian sells everything: shoes, nail polish and, of course, perfume. The reality star released her fragrance "Gold" earlier this year.

"Gold is a luxury that stands the test of time, a universal symbol of sophistication and glamour. Like a stunning piece of precious jewelry, Gold lends everyday style a surge of seductive sparkle and timeless beauty," Kardashian said of the fragrance.

Can Taylor Swift compete with the other celebrity fragrances?

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