Taylor Swift Won’t Take Off Her Clothes to Sell Records: Why She Doesn’t Have To

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Taylor Swift Won’t Take Off Her Clothes to Sell Records: Why She Doesn’t Have To

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a regular in the headlines these days. If she's not cavorting with the Kennedy clan, she's crafting the ultimate break-up song. She most recently declared that she would not shed clothes in an attempt to bolster her musical image. We might breathe a sigh of relief. But the self-proclaimed role model is perhaps one of Hollywood's few starlets that doesn't need a sexy image makeover.

She loves vintage clothes.

The bright red lips, the sweetheart necklines and respectable hems suit her style quite well. Some might even say that when she goes for sex appeal, she seems a little out of her element. Even her bikinis are adequate in coverage. Her most recent Rolling Stone magazine cover reveals a somewhat "edgier" version than we're used to seeing. But even through the straight bangs and exposed leg, the "young girl playing dress-up" still emerges.

She's writing songs to annoy people.

When you're one of the most successful pop/country singers in the world, you can do one of two things to remain relevant in the music world. You can take strip down or you can write songs to publicly aggravate your ex. Taylor chose the latter when she penned "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Some question the maturity behind the hit ditty, but Swift seems to take pride in the song's ultimate success, claiming that its repetitiveness on the radio would drive her unnamed former suitor up the wall.

She's dating Conor Kennedy.

When you're dating a member of the Kennedy clan, you don't need to shed clothing to get attention. As the romance between Swift and her teen dreamboat heats up, so do tabloid headlines. How involved is she with the family? Is she dreaming of wedding bells? And if the relationships should fall to the wayside, will Conor then become the unidentified subject of her next angst-filled tune?

She's a 22-year-old "teenager."

As Taylor's fans and critics have questioned her decision to date a teen, the last thing they're probably concerned with is seeing her naked. Some theorize that her choice to date Kennedy mirrors her own emotional maturity: by dating someone so much younger, she can better control the relationship and avoid heartbreak...again. But there are other reasons why Taylor's sexuality isn't an issue.

Even Swift doesn't think that she could pull off showing extra skin. She's even admitted to relying on her younger brother for (pretty uncomplicated) dating advice. But it's perhaps because of her relentless coming-of-age approach to music that people don't take her completely seriously. The songs on her new album "Red" appear to touch on several specific, disappointing romantic situations - hardly a backdrop for images of racy, nude romps.

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