Taylor Swift Vs. Justin Bieber - Is There an End in Sight for Their Ongoing Feud?

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Taylor Swift Vs. Justin Bieber - Is There an End in Sight for Their Ongoing Feud?

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Taylor Swift is no fan of Justin Bieber, or his off-again/on-again relationship with her pal, Selena Gomez. But is there an end in sight for Taylor's ongoing feud with the Biebs?

According to a Hollywood Life source, Swifty has decided not to bad-mouth Justin anymore.

"She's not saying anything to Selena at the moment about Justin. Taylor knows that Selena knows how she feels, so it's not worth wasting her breath. She still thinks he's not right for Selena, but it's not her place to alienate a friend."

More than anything, it sounds like they've agreed to disagree.

Not a Belieber

There is no love lost between Selena's BFF and her not quite ex-boyfriend.

Back in February, Taylor seemed quite vocal about wanting SelGo to move on. Sources reported that she was "encouraging her best friend to move on because she doesn't think the 18-year-old Canadian pop star is right for her," and suggesting that she needed to cut off all ties with him in order to facilitate the healing process.

Around that time, a particularly insidious rumor surfaced, suggesting that Taylor had tried to break up "Jelena" because she wanted him for herself.

"Taylor feels Justin is fair game now. She has had a crush on him for years...Taylor says that as a superstar himself, Justin is the one person who knows what her life is like. She says Justin just 'gets her,' and she finds that incredibly romantic. Taylor is the most fickle girl in the world."

There's no evidence that she was ever interested in him that way, and she just doesn't seem like someone who would betray a friend that way.

If anything, she has been nothing but supportive of the former Disney Channel star since the breakup. According to reports, Swifty "dropped everything" to be by her side, even calling her up to 10 times a day, and setting her up with other girlfriends while she was away on tour.

Still, Taylor has found other ways to express her disdain for the "Boyfriend" singer. Back in May, at the Billboard Music Awards, the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer conspicuously avoided the question when a reporter asked her how she felt about him winning the fan-voted Milestone Award. "Can we have another question?"

Screen caps of Taylor grimacing when Selena and Justin kissed backstage also went viral.

Avoiding Potential Conflict

Although the country cutie seems to be keeping mum about Justin from now on, we're not expecting them to become BFFs anytime soon. Rumor has it that Taylor decided against attending Selena's 21st birthday party last month in order to avoid running into him.

"Taylor was talking about how she'll be on a super tight schedule on Saturday night because she has a show and she wants to get to Selena's birthday party. She was talking about flying out right after her show. She's not going to want to be there if Justin is there, it's so awkward between them now."

Taylor may be making a wise decision to keep her mouth shut from now on. She's already made her opinions quite clear, and it doesn't look like she'll be able to change her friend's mind.

The "22" singer is in an unenviable position of having to bite her tongue. I wouldn't blame her for wanting to avoid him, in order to prevent potential conflict with her pal.

Could Taylor and Justin ever learn to get along? Should Taylor stay out of Selena's relationship with Justin? Is she making a smart move to stop talking about him? Or is her beef with the Biebs justified?

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