Taylor Swift Has Plenty of Song Material After Harry Styles Split

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Taylor is one of the most charitable celebs out there.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were only together for two months before they decided to split up, but Haylor managed to squeeze in a whole year's worth of fun photo ops and romantic moments during that short period of time.

The latest bit of gossip is that Harry just got tired of Taylor's nagging and just couldn't take it anymore -- Taylor was allegedly too worried about the One Direction star's womanizing reputation. Since the couple spent a ton of time together, it wouldn't be surprising if Harry just called things off to get a little space and some time to himself.

The reason for the couple's split might not be completely clear right now, but it will probably only be a matter of time before Taylor Swift tells her side of the story in the form of a tearful tune. Poor Conor Kennedy might not even get a mention in her next album since she has so many meaningful moments with Harry to reflect on. Here's a look back at a few Haylor highlights that Swifty might sing about:

The Green Gift

Harry presented Taylor with a special gift to celebrate the New Year - a vintage bracelet adorned with emeralds. It's easy to imagine Taylor singing about how the green stones match the green orbs that are Harry's eyes with a lyric like this: "I wore your eyes on my arm/as a reminder of your boyish charm." She might also reference the romantic New Year's Eve kiss that left Directioners green with envy.

Dirty Dancing

Early last month, Taylor and Harry were photographed trying to mimic the famous lift scene from the movie "Dirty Dancing." Now that Taylor isn't having the time of her life, she might fantasize about how that moment could have hurt Harry by writing a lyric like this: "You couldn't raise me/like Patrick Swayze/When we were dirty dancing/I wish you would've pulled a hamstring."

Tattoo Tagalong

Last month Swifty decided to watch while Harry expanded his ever-growing collection of body art. The One Direction singer got a large ship tattooed on his arm in a moment that was eerily reminiscent of a scene in Taylor's music video for "I Knew You Were Trouble." Here's another lyric she could write about her tattooed troublemaker: "I should have realized how fast we'd sink/when you didn't think/before you got all that ink."

Sweet Sentiment

Harry reportedly bought Taylor 23 cupcakes for her 23rd birthday, so this lyric is easy: "How could I know that the boy who bought me cupcakes/would turn out to be such a big mistake."

There are tons of other moments that Taylor could sing about, like when Haylor met fellow pop pair Jelena to go skiing or the romantic stroll that she and Harry took through Central Park. She could also launch a low blow at Hazza by singing, "You were so off-key/when we sang karaoke."

Or here's a fun plot twist: maybe Harry will write a song about Taylor.

So are you looking forward to Taylor's song about Haylor's downfall, or are you tired of hearing her complain about her famous exes?

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