Was Taylor Swift John Mayer’s Post-Katy Perry Rebound?

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Was Taylor Swift John Mayer’s Post-Katy Perry Rebound?

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Katy plays a nerd in her new video, but we aren't fooled.

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have something in common besides being super-successful singers - they both fell under the spell of starlet seducer John Mayer.

Taylor has long moved on from John with a string of other lovers, her latest being Robert F. Kennedy's grandson Conor Kennedy. However, Katy just can't quit John - she's been spotted spending a lot of quality time with him lately, and she had a thing for him before she started seeing her ex-hubby-to-be Russell Brand. She might have even dated Mayer before falling for the comedian.

A source recently told LOOK magazine this about Katy and Mayer's romance: "A couple of friends had set Katy and John up on this date. They had an amazing time and were planning to do it again. Then she went to the VMAs and fell head over heels for Russell. But it must have always felt like unfinished business with her and John, and they'd occasionally text each other while she was with Russell. It's no surprise to friends they have hooked up now her divorce has been finalized."

There could be some truth to this story - according to a September 2009 New York Post report, Katy was spotted kissing John Mayer just days before she fell for Russell Brand at the MTV VMAs. According to Metro, a few months before she was spotted making out with Mayer, she said this about him during a radio game of Shoot, Shag, or Marry: "I couldn't marry John Mayer, it'd be so intense. I'd definitely shag the s**t out of him though. I'll go on record saying that." So basically she just temporarily replaced John with another pasty, dark-haired lothario that would actually marry her.

During the 2009 MTV VMAs, you might remember poor Taylor Swift being rudely interrupted by Kanye West. After the infamous incident, Mayer tweeted this to the star: "Big love to my girl @taylorswift13. A class act." Katy also had these kind words for Swifty: "F*** you Kanye. It's like [you] stepped on a kitten."

By January 2010 there were rumors that Mayer and Swift were dating.

So did Katy ditch Mayer for Brand, leading Mayer to look for another female pop star to pursue? Possibly. But John probably wasn't brokenheartedly searching for a rebound - he's also been linked to Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, so he seems more interested in hooking up with as many famous women as possible than he is in falling in love with them.

Unfortunately John is having a hard time moving on from Taylor. Her song "Dear John" is rumored to be about their relationship, and Mayer made this complaint about it to Rolling Stone back in June: "It made me feel terrible. Because I didn't deserve it. I'm pretty good at taking accountability now, and I never did anything to deserve that. It was a really lousy thing for her to do." Perhaps now Katy can help him pen a revenge tune.

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