Who Should Taylor Swift Date After Harry Styles Split?

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Taylor is one of the most charitable celebs out there.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have allegedly split, and T-Swift fans probably have two thoughts on their minds right now -- they're looking forward to the song that Taylor writes about her One Direction ex, and they're wondering who Swifty will date now that Haylor is no more.

After all, Taylor does have a history of hooking up with famous men just like Harry -- she's dated John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Taylor Lautner.

Taylor will need to take a little time off from dating to pen a few songs about how she went the wrong direction with Harry Styles, and if the springy-haired pop pair never ever gets back together, here are a few guys that Taylor Swift might want to consider using as her post-split rebound:

Prince Harry

Taylor recently said this about her obsession with fairytales: "I used to read fairytales when I was young and I grew up with such a vivid imagination, and all that has fueled this little world of mine." Obviously a gal who loves happily ever so much would be in heaven if she got to date a real prince like royal redhead Harry. Taylor has even said that she's interested in dating a guy with red hair. Here's what she said to talk show host Alan Carr about finding herself a flame-haired fling: "I like people with red hair, I would do a ginger. I like Rupert Grint, the guy from the 'Harry Potter' films." The wizard boy is cute and all, but why would you date a guy who can put a curse on you when you can go for a redhead with a castle instead? Taylor also wouldn't have to scratch out the "I heart Harry" scribbles in her songwriting notebook, and she'd still get to be with a guy with a cute British accent.

Max George

One Direction and fellow Brits The Wanted are currently embroiled in a boy band beef, so T-Swift could get revenge on heartbreaker Harry by dating one of his arch-enemies. And surely Max George wouldn't turn down Swifty after spending time with Lindsay Lohan.

Wilmer Valderrama

Taylor has already been with one of Hollywood's biggest Don Juans -- John Mayer's conquests include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston, and Katy Perry. So maybe Taylor should get over Haylor's demise by dating the other guy who is notorious for hooking up with Hollywood's hottest women -- Wilmer has been linked to Mandy Moore, Demi Lovato, Ashlee Simpson, and pre-train wreck Lindsay Lohan.

Stephen Amell

Or maybe Taylor needs a superhero to save her from a broken heart. Dating a guy in spandex did work out well for her BFF Emma Stone, who is all loved up with her "The Amazing Spider-Man" costar Andrew Garfield. Swifty just needs to score a role as a damsel in distress on the CW series "Arrow." She can then seduce sexy star Stephen Amell, who would make a great subject for a future song -- Swifty could make a cupid comparison since his superhero character also shoots arrows.

So who do you think that Taylor will target now that Haylor has come to an end?

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