Taylor Swift to Appear on ‘New Girl’ – Other Upcoming Sitcom Guest Stars

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Taylor Swift to Appear on ‘New Girl’ – Other Upcoming Sitcom Guest Stars

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Taylor is one of the most charitable celebs out there.

Two queens of cute of are about to come together for an epic season finale of "New Girl!"

Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift both seem like Disney princesses brought to life with their ultra-girly styles, but when the adorakable actress and the pixie-like pop star meet, will audiences be able to digest all that sugary sweetness?

According to "Access Hollywood," Taylor will be playing a very "important guest" at the wedding that takes place during the season finale of the FOX comedy "New Girl." Cece (Hannah Simone) and Shivrang (Satya Bhabha) will be walking down the aisle, so perhaps Taylor will play an ex of Shivrang's who stops the ceremony, or maybe she'll play a gal who comforts a heartbroken Schmidt (Max Greenfield) as he watches the love of his life marry someone else. Taylor Swift will get her chance to challenge Zooey Deschanel's character Jess to a charm-off when the season finale airs on May 14, and hopefully angsty singing will be involved.

Swifty isn't the only star adding a little extra oomph to an upcoming episode of a sitcom. Here's a look at a few other notable guest stars to watch:

Lindsay Lohan

Lilo's appearance on "Anger Management" better be good, because she was allegedly such a "colossal pain in the a**" on set that the production crew almost called police to have her escorted off the set! Lindsay is re-teaming up with her "Scary Movie 5" costar Charlie Sheen in the FX sitcom, and it sounds like she'll be playing a bit of a troublemaker -- she pokes fun at her own legal woes by ending up in jail. However, instead of being put behind bars, she advises other inmates on how to survive being thrown in the slammer. She also ends up in bed with Charlie's therapist character, and it looks like she'll be doing a little role-playing since she can be seen donning a Sailor Moon-style costume in a production still. But the best part of her role? She gets to star in a commercial for whiskey-infused gum, which sounds like something Lindsay and Charlie Sheen would actually endorse. Lilo and the Ma-Sheen will team up for the April 11 episode of "Anger Management."

Chloe Sevigny

Starring on a sitcom is a probably a welcome break for this accomplished actress after her dark role as a promiscuous mental asylum patient who experiences a terrifying form of torture on "American Horror Story." Now she's out of the asylum and set to star on "The Mindy Project" as Christina, the ex-wife of Danny (Chris Messina). Christina left Danny heartbroken, so her return will likely cause problems. According to TV Guide, Chloe's character is a "well-traveled war photographer who's been with some intimidating men in foreign locales," and she makes Danny feel insecure. However, he seems to be contemplating a reunion with his ex since the two set up a romantic dinner date. "Something suddenly comes up" that ruins their plans, and it's a big possibility that the "something" in question has something to do with a scheming Mindy (Mindy Kaling). Hopefully Mindy gets to spend plenty of time interacting with Danny's ex when Chloe's three-episode arc airs on FOX during the month of April.

Hilarious "Workaholics" star Anders Holm will also make an appearance on the show in a four-episode arc early in April. He'll be playing a new love interest for Mindy, and his charismatic character is described as a "popular Lutheran pastor in New York City who is so cool he has a DJ at his church services."

Casey Wilson

It's kind of big deal that this actress has been cast in the May 13 season finale of the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" -- it could mean that she's the actress that will play the mother of Ted's children. On the hilare show "Happy Endings," Casey currently plays Penny, an optimistic, ah-MAH-zing gal who is totes cray for constantly using abreves. However, we're thinking her blonde, bubbly costar Elisha Cuthbert might make a better choice for the "HIMYM" mom -- she and Ted (Josh Radnor) would be adorbs together. And since the identity of the mother has been such a big secret, the name of the actress who plays her will probably be kept under wraps until she makes her grand entrance on the show.

Casey Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key will reportedly play a couple having dinner at the same restaurant as Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris). Perhaps Casey and Keegan's characters will teach the soon-to-be-newlyweds an important lesson about love and commitment.

Bob Newhart

This beloved actor is set to star in an episode of the CBS comedy "The Big Bang Theory" that will air on May 2. He'll play Professor Proton, a Bill Nye the Science Guy-like character who hosted a kids' TV show that Sheldon (Jim Parsons) grew up watching. Sheldon hunts down the man that he admires so much after learning online that he can be hired for events, and it's not hard to guess what will happen here -- perhaps Professor Proton won't turn out to be the brilliant mind that Sheldon's expecting to meet, or maybe his hero just won't be a very nice guy.

So which of these guest stars are you looking forward to seeing most?

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