Taylor Lautner Defends Kristen Stewart: Other Celebs that Did the Same

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Taylor Lautner Defends Kristen Stewart: Other Celebs that Did the Same

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Kristen Stewart gave a coy answer when she was asked about her romance with Robert Pattinson recentl …

As the final film in the "Twilight" franchise nears its release, much of the attention has focused on the relationship between co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. So far, both stars have been fairly mum on the status of their relationship. Kristen recently offered some cryptic words during a "Today" show interview, but she stopped short of offering any real details. Given that both have resisted discussing her cheating scandal in public, it's no surprise that people are searching for answers elsewhere. Co-star Taylor Lautner was recently asked to share his thoughts on cheating, and he did so without referencing the relationship of his two pals. However, Taylor did offer some positive words for the 22-year-old Kristen. "Kristen is fantastic at everything she does," he said. "I'm always proud of her." Despite going through a difficult few months, Kristen has gotten some backup from others in the celebrity community. Here are a few other stars that have defended her since the cheating scandal first went public.

Jodie Foster

The two-time winning actress has gone to great lengths to defend Kristen. In fact, Jodie even wrote an essay that blasted the media for its aggressive scrutiny of the actress. Jodie, who worked with Kristen in the 2001 film "Panic Room," described her fondness of the actress, and ended by giving her some advice regarding media hype. "You survive," wrote Foster. "Hopefully in the process you don't lose your ability to throw your arms in the air again and spin in wild abandon. That is the ultimate F.U. and-finally-the most beautiful survival tool of all. Don't let them take that away from you."

Dakota Fanning

As an actress that appears in the "Twilight" movies, Dakota isn't one to take sides when it comes to the relationship of her co-stars. However, she still made it a point to defend Kristen during a recent interview. "Well, I just think that media frenzies like that," she said when asked about the scandal. "Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all of that. It's like, 'Why do you think you are the authority to judge people's experiences?'"

Kevin Hart

Kristen got a very public show of support from Kevin when he hosted the VMAs in September. The comedian made a joke at Kristen's expense during his opening monologue, but also took the time to defend her from further criticism . "Everybody's mad at Kristen Stewart for making a mistake," he said to the audience. "'She allegedly messed around with the director of 'Snow White and the Huntsman.' If she did, so what? It's over. Move on."

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