Susan Sarandon Says the U.S. Government Bugged Her -- Plus Stars with Verified FBI Files

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Hollywood veteran Susan Sarandon is an outspoken Progressive political activist and has been for many years. She's been at anti-war protests over the conflicts both in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has even rankled the Catholic church on several occasions, most recently calling the Pope a Nazi. For her outspoken views, she feels that she's been the subject of government surveillance.

At the Tribeca Film Festival this year, Susan sat down with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore for an interview. During the interview, the "Bull Durham" star told Moore that she feels she's being watched. "We know we're under surveillance. I've had my phone tapped." Apparently she feels she's been blacklisted from the White House too. "I was denied a security clearance to go to the White House and I don't know why."

Whether or not Sarandon's phone has been tapped, there are well-documented cases of the FBI keeping files on celebrities for various reasons. Here now are a few of them.

Frank Sinatra - Apparently FBI head J. Edgar Hoover thought there were strong enough ties between the blue-eyed crooner and organized crime to start a file. It's reportedly the largest such file surrounding an entertainer. In it, investigators detailed Frank's connections to the mob but for some reason the evidence was never taken to a Grand Jury and nothing ever came of the file.

Albert Einstein - It's quite surprising to find out that the man who helped develop the atomic bomb for the United States during World War II would then be investigated by the FBI. However, the godfather of the theory of relativity had close ties to several Communist organizations. In the 1940s and 1950s, during the early stages of the Cold War, that was a big red flag (no pun intended) and the FBI opened up a file to look into Einstein's Communist ties. No charges were ever brought.

John Lennon - In perhaps one of the most famous cases of the FBI turning its sights on a celebrity, the former Beatle and musical icon was tailed by the bureau for several months between 1971 and 1972. Over 300 pages of intelligence were put into the file, all in an attempt to deport Lennon, who had been living in New York City. Lennon's alleged crime? He was a very outspoken critic of the Vietnam war and allegedly President Nixon wanted him silenced before the next election, during which it was rumored that John would stage something the Republican National Convention.

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