The Surprising Comedy Snubs of the 2012 Emmy Nominations

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This September ABC will host the Primetime Emmy Awards, hosted by their late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. The awards, handed out annually, have come to represent the pinnacle of achievement in television programming; the Oscars of TV if you will. Kimmel was on hand this morning to help announce the list of this year's nomination.

Since the Emmys have limited space in their categories for nominees, it's well accepted that some may be left without a nod. This year is no exception. "Snubs" as they've come to be known are almost as fun to discuss as the lists of the nominees themselves. The realm of comedy is where one finds the most snubs usually, so here are a few of the more surprising comedy snubs in this year's 2012 Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

"Louie" Left Out of the Big One- The FX comedy starring comedian Louis C.K. isn't just a typical TV comedy. It's cinematic. It's experimental, and edgy. While C.K.'s show did pick up nominations for directing, writing and one for the comedian himself as an actor int he series, strangely enough the show is not in the "Outstanding Comedy Series" category. It just seems strange that it would be nominated in every other creative category except the big one. Maybe next year, Louis!

Ron Swanson Snubbed Again! - Without a doubt, "Parks and Recreation" is a jokes juggernaut. The NBC sitcom has long been the highlight of their Thursday night comedy block. Actor Nick Offerman plays one of the funniest characters on the small screen in years, the mustachioed anti-government civil servant, Ron Swanson. Every line he utters is quotable. But for the second year in a row, Offerman was left at the alter by the Emmy people, with no nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

"Community" Ex-Communicated? - NBC has never really known what to do with "Community" and it looks like the Emmys may not either. The show, which consistently delivers a very unique and refreshing comedic product was given just one nomination, for writing. The ratings-challenged sitcom is certainly not very mainstream, but that doesn't always preclude a show from taking home an award. However, not one actor got a nomination, despite very strong performances throughout the ensemble cast.

The Dream of An Emmy Is Alive in "Portlandia" - If you haven't seen the sketch show on IFC that stars "SNL" cast member Fred Armisen and musician Carrie Brownstein, you are depriving yourself of a wholly unique experience. Set in Portland, Armisen and Brownstein deliver an eclectic mix of characters and story lines that help create a universe that the show can exist in that has one foot planted in reality, and one in the surreal. "Portlandia" did pick up two nominations, one for directing, and one for writing, but we were hoping to see the show's second season finally breakthrough in the big category, Outstanding Variety Series, or maybe a nomination for either Fred or Carrie.

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