Suri Cruise Visits Dad in London, Leaves 'Body Double' Behind: What Else Has the Celebrity Princess Been Up To?

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Suri Cruise Visits Dad in London, Leaves 'Body Double' Behind: What Else Has the Celebrity Princess Been Up To?

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in happier times

Almost as well known for wearing kitten heels as being the only child of divorced Hollywood A-Listers Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise continues to make tabloid headlines despite being a mere 6-year-old. Most recently, the junior fashionista was ferried to London on a private jet to visit her busy pop amidst rumors that the Scientologist had hired a Suri look-alike in New York to fool paparazzi.

Holed up in London filming his latest movie "All You Need Is Kill," Tomdaddy reportedly sent his private jet across the pond to fly Suri to a British hotel where the two spent a long weekend together -- their first documented in-person visit since Christmas. Suri's father was once again photographed carrying his school-age child, despite her ability to walk upright since toddlerhood -- possibly to protect her from aggressive paparazzi or worse.

(No word on whether the young brunette had time to break free for some girl time to go shopping with her British counterpart, the former Kate Middleton, during the brief visit.)

In a related rumor, the "Mission Impossible" star allegedly hired a body double for Suri to foil photographers and fans intent on disturbing her privacy. In a Daily News report, security conscious Tom reportedly arranged for another child to impersonate his daughter. "She wore the same purple, puffy down-filled coat as Suri. She had the same black leggings and Ugg-type tan boots with pink soles as Suri. And while she tried to hide her face, her auburn hair was long and brown like Suri's. Only she wasn't Suri," the article stated.

Rumor debunking website Gossip Cop, however, claims the newspaper made much ado about nothing. It cited a friend of Holmes who said the alleged decoy was just a pal of Suri who likes to dress like her.

Meanwhile, betwixt romps in London with her dad, Suri spends most of her time with her mother, who attempts to provide a more ordinary upper middle class life for her. Last month the duo was spotted soaking up some Big Apple culture, attending the Sleeping Beauty Ballet at Lincoln Center.

Though Holmes has a reputation for dressing down, her mini-me is a well-known clothes pony. Suri seems to have almost as much outerwear as shoes, wearing a white faux fur jacket from H&M on a mother-daughter shopping trip to Whole Foods. In other recent outings, she was snapped in a purple coat by Addie and Ella, a pink puffer coat by Monnalisa and a navy coat by Crewcuts -- a fashion line also adored by the Obama girls.

Perhaps Joan Rivers will hire the celebrity child to replace Kelly Osbourne on "Fashion Police" when Ozzy and Sharon's daughter ages out.

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