Suri Cruise’s Uneven Bangs: Why the Big Fuss Over a Six-Year Old’s Fashion Statement?

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Suri Cruise’s Uneven Bangs: Why the Big Fuss Over a Six-Year Old’s Fashion Statement?

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes before their divorce

Forget gay marriage and gun control. What everyone on the Internet wants to know is "What's up with Suri Cruise's new bangs?"

Or so it seems.

The hairstyle of Katie Holmes' and Tom Cruise's only mutual child has created a huge stir on the web. People are curious to know whether the famous 6-year-old "Edward Scissorhanded" her own bangs or if the avant-garde cut was hatched at a hair salon.

The first grader's hairdo has somehow turned into a bona fide news story. TV Guide, for instance, compared the little brunette to Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian, two celebrities at opposite ends of the serious spectrum who both coincidentally began sporting bangs recently.

HuffPo boldly called Cruise's crooked bangs "cute," though some of the site's followers were more cynical. One reader commented: "Aren't there any other meaningful topics to discuss besides some spoiled little brat's haircut?"

All over Facebook and Twitter, mothers and grandmothers have weighed in with stories of their own little girls taking their hair into their own hands, with the same uneven results.

Why Suri's hair is anyone's concern is a question best left to sociologists. Though many celebrities have school-age children, the pint-sized Manhattanite has managed to become the poster child for privileged progeny. The cult of Suri has become so mainstream that even a Tumblr blog that mockingly pretends to portray Suri's views about other celebrity children was turned into a book called "Suri's Burn Book: Well-Dressed Commentary from Hollywood's Little Sweetheart."

Whether other 6-year-old children will copy the Catholic schoolgirl's choppy bangs is yet to be seen, but many of Suri's other aesthetic choices have succeeded in becoming fashion trends.

Since she was three, the Hollywood transplant has worn kitten heels, make-up and other adult accoutrements that other mini-mes have sought to copy.

Given her passion for fashion, we wonder if Suri will follow in her mother's footsteps and launch her own clothing line. The "Dawson's Creek" star and her business partner Jeanne Yang have a clothing company called Holmes & Yang that produces such classic pieces as A-line shirtdresses that are designed to stand the test of time. "We're not trying to be trendy . . . we're trying to make high-quality pieces you'll wear over and over again," Holmes said of her duds during New York Fashion Week in February.

When you think about it, what could be more classic than a six-year-old cutting her own bangs?

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