Suri Cruise, Lipstick, & High Heels: Cute or Inappropriate?

Daughter of Tom Cruise & Katie Homes is Growing Up Fast

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are parents to little lady Suri Cruise.

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are parents to little lady Suri Cruise.

Suri Cruise is not your ordinary 5-year-old, playing in the sandbox and serving tea to her dolls. No, Suri has always had an air of mystery about her. After her birth in 2006, it took 5 months for official photos to emerge, and when they did, they were greeted with the same over-the-top hysteria that has been associated with the tot her entire life.

Controversy seems to follow Suri, who just began classes at a school with close ties to her parents' religion, Scientology.

Her High Heel Shoes

Suri is a famous fashionista, influenced no doubt by fashionable mom Katie Holmes. This involves cute, hip clothing, but also tiny heels. Suri has been spotted wearing high heels as young as age 3.

Is this appropriate for a child who has only been walking for a couple of years? Mom Katie thinks so: "She, like every little girl - she loves my high heels," Holmes explained to a reporter.

The Tot Drinks Coffee?

Suri, whose name means "princess," doesn't confine her grown-up tastes to shoes. She has also been spotted leaving a Starbucks with her parents, sipping from a coffee cup. Suri's not the first celebrity child to sip beverages from trendy spots, but she is no doubt one of the youngest.

Lipstick Little Lady

Perhaps Suri's most controversial foray into adult behavior came this year, when she sported bright red lipstick on her way to gymnastics class. Most moms are familiar with little girls' desire to dabble in makeup. But bright scarlet lips on a 5-year-old, likely to be photographed, out in public, seems a bit much.

Is Suri Cruise's rush to a teen look a reflection of our society's push for kids to grow up too fast? Is it one further example of tots acting older than their age, a la Toddler and Tiaras ? Or is it just cute: simple, harmless fun?

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