Style Trial - Why Kate Winslet & Pippa Middleton Need to Burn Those Hats

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Style Trial - Why Kate Winslet & Pippa Middleton Need to Burn Those Hats

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(Kate Winslet)

The normally stylish Kate Winslet and Pippa Middleton picked the same week to wear ugly hats. Here's a look at why those headpieces need to be burned!

Kate Wears Dead Twigs On Her Head

This week, the Oscar-winning actress attended the horse races where she ruined an otherwise gorgeous outfit with a ridiculous headpiece.

From the neck down, the outfit is stunning. Kate wore a form-fitting red dress that flattered her shapely figure. The cutaway panels on the side also added variety to this solid-colored dress. She complemented the ensemble with a simple crystal bracelet, a gold watch, and gold Jimmy Choo stilettos.

The outfit would have been complete without that monstrous gold fascinator on her head. From a distance, it looked as if she took a rose, let it dry out a turn brown, attach some dead twigs and branches, and glue them to her head.

Because the light gold fringe matched the color of her blonde hair, the headpiece looked like an extension of her own hair, making it look like she hadn't styled her hair properly.

Pippa Wears a Turkey On Her Head

Over the weekend, the royal in-law attended a wedding in Nothern Ireland where she donned a navy blue dress, matching navy blue pumps, and a fur stole to keep warm.

The focal point of this outfit was the brown tweed bonnet, complete with orange and autumn-colored feathers. She complemented the outrageous headpiece with a matching orange clutch.

Will somebody please tell Pippa that Thanksgiving is over? Why was she wearing a turkey on her head? Between the turkey hat and the fur stole, she looked like an ad for PETA Meets "What Not To Wear."

If I'm being generous, I'll give Pippa a benefit of a doubt and suggest that she was trying to follow the Girl Code, deliberately dressing poorly in order to not overshadow the bride.

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