Style Trial - Why Justin Bieber & Cee Lo Green Need to Burn Those Animal Print Outfits

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Style Trial - Why Justin Bieber & Cee Lo Green Need to Burn Those Animal Print Outfits

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(Justin Bieber)

Whether it's leopard print, cheetah print, tiger print, or zebra print, I never understood the appeal of animal-themed clothing. These outfits conjure up images of Snooki bulging out of some gaudy scantily-clad monstrosity.

Often these animal prints have a way of making the classiest, most attractive people look cheap and trashy. I can't help picturing some poor "Jersey Shore" mom crying as Stacy London and Clinton Kelly toss her evening-wear into the reject pile on TLC's "What Not To Wear."

But for some reason, celebs have been coming out in full force with the animal prints lately. Who are some of this season's worst offenders?

Justin BIeber

This March in London, the Biebs donned a pair of leopard pants, not-quite matching leopard trainers, and a gray hoodie with hot pink writing on the front. He completed the look with gelled up bangs that poked out of the hood, and a glazed-over expression as he gestured peace signs.

He seems to be going for some badass rebel without a cause look, but it all comes across as a bit pretentious. The casual messy just-rolled-out-of bed can be adorable. However, this particular outfit looks too planned to have that effect, like he was deliberately going for a disheveled look.

Individually, the pants, the shoes, and the hot pink font on the hoodie are already an eyesore. But together, the ensemble is distracting with so many focal points, giving an overpowering but disjointed look.

Cee Lo Green

When you're plus-sized, there are ways to dress that flatter your shape. (Think of Octavia Spencer at the 2012 Oscars.) But Cee Lo's cheetah print hoodie is an epic fashion fail. The gaudy print draws attention in all the wrong places, while the thin clingy material bunches awkwardly around the arms and mid-section.

The "Voice" judge makes matters worse by topping off the ensemble with frumpy shapeless drawstring pants.

The one redeeming quality of this outfit is that it looks comfortable. I guess the ensemble could serve as a comfy pair of pajamas.

Almost Great

Jenna Ushkowitz almost had a great outfit. At the "Game of Thrones" premiere, the "Glee" star donned a black leather ensemble, complete with black leather shorts, knee-high black boots, and a black mesh top.

She could have had a sleek edgy figure-flattering look. However, she decided to ruin the outfit with an atrocious leopard print coat that hides her figure and makes the whole ensemble appear frumpy and dated. Surely there were better ways to stay warm!

Young mom Hilary Duff provides another example of an almost great outfit. Taking a stroll to Restoration Hardware with her son, Luca, Hilary donned a beige tiger print jacket. She managed to get away with it because she normally has such a cute wholesome look. But on anyone else, that jacket could have come across as trashy.

Hilary managed to make this outfit acceptable with her simple black pants, black shirt, designer handbags, and simple gray wedge sneakers to tone down the effect. But I would have preferred an elegant pea coat instead. I get that she was going for something a little edgier, but she could have achieved that with the right jewelry, makeup, or a fun top.

Dishonorable Mention

I feel terrible for bringing up Maggie Gyllenhaal because she is pictured with her young daughters taking a stroll through LAX. However, these grungy outfits deserve a dishonorable mention.

Maggie's tall black boots would have gone elegantly with a simple solid-colored ensemble. Instead, she decides to wear loose-fitting zebra print pants, topped with a messy baggy denim button-down (the upper-body equivalent of "mom jeans.")

She topped it off by dressing her daughter in leopard print leggings, a mismatched plaid wrap-around (that screams grungy '90s throwback), mismatched polka-dotted bag and Mary Janes, topped with magenta leg warmers (a badly misplaced '80s throwback). Why would she do that to her kids?

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