What - or Who - Stunned Meryl Streep?

The Insider

David Blaine has been electrifying (sometimes literally) audiences for years, and on November 28, the illusionist freaked out Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep!

VIDEO - Meryl Plays Game on 'Watch What Happens Live'

According to Vulture, who also snapped this perfect pic, Blaine walked up to Streep at an event hosted by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, grabbed a wine glass off her table and began eating it!

VIDEO FLASHBACK - Meryl Wins The Oscar in 1983!

Fret not, after the crunchy snack, Vulture checked to see if Blaine was bleeding and found his mouth injury-free! He told the site, "I'm not allowed to do it often, because I get in trouble for it. But I really like to do it." Clearly:

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