Strangest Celebrity Requests: What Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and More Request for Concerts

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Ah, the life of a megastar. Not only do you get the finest tables at the world's best restaurants and thousands of fans singing along to your songs, but you also get to make requests on your concert rider. A concert rider is a list of items, from food to furniture, that a performer can request be supplied for his or her convenience at venues.

And while many requests aren't out of the ordinary, some can be quite eccentric - it all depends on the entertainer in question. Some of the biggest stars have some of the oddest requests, as you'll find out below. While you can't get your own rider until you hit it big, read on to see what some of your favorite artists needs are.

Iggy Pop: Iggy Pop made sure to keep himself and the Stooges well supplied, with an 18-page rider that went into intricate detail of speaker and monitor set ups, as well as requesting "two enormous pizzas," and "tasty food that that isn't full of pesticides and mad cow disease." In addition, Iggy requested a "copy of USA Today that's got a story about morbidly obese people in it," as that would be "most amusing."

Jay-Z: As if Jay-Z didn't have enough going for him, being on top of the rap world and being married to Beyonce, he also has some additional requests. According to reports, Jay-Z requests four golf carts, among other quite specific demands for sustenance. Jay-Z apparently requires orange juice with no pulp, $200 bottles of wine, "nice china" and a bottle of honey.

Celine Dion: If you thought Iggy Pop's rider was ridiculous, check out Celine Dion's, which clocks in at 67 pages. Among the requests: 11 bodyguards, an on-call dentist, cherries that must be from France, and Bavarian figs - talk about a picky eater.

Jennifer Lopez: In what has strangely become one of the most well-known rider requests, Jennifer Lopez once requested a 40-foot trailer that had to be outfitted completely in white - from the couches to the candles - along wDith 43 music Cs.

Pharrell Williams: Apparently, Pharrell Williams mistook his rider for an opportunity to never have to buy booze again. The rapper once requested 20 crates of Grey Goose, 20 crates of Bacardi and 15 magnum bottles of champagne. Oh, and a Rolls Royce to take him wherever he wanted.

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