The Strange Stuff Kim Kardashian Does to Her Face: Tear Sticks, Vampire Facelifts and More

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Kim Kardashian does some strange things to her face

Kim Kardashian has one of the most famous faces in the world, but it's not easy being a pop culture icon -- the reality show star has done some strange things to her mug to make sure that she keeps plenty of eyes on it.

During a deposition for Kim's divorce case, a producer for her reality shows revealed that Kim used something called a used something called a "tear stick" to make herself shed tears during an episode of "Kourtney and Kim Take New York." In the scene in question, Kim was chatting to momager Kris Jenner about her dying marriage to Kris Humphries. The tear stick had such an amazing effect that Kim even took to Twitter to poke fun at her ugly crying face.

So what is a "tear stick," and why did it help Kim cry? It's a combination of wax, menthol, and camphor that comes in a lipstick-like tube. When it's applied underneath the eye, the vapors from the menthol and camphor cause tears to form. So Kim's mascara wasn't running because of Kris Humphries -- she was just employing a clever makeup trick.

Kim's Other Makeup Secrets

Kim Kardashian does know a thing or two about makeup, and her main mantra seems to be that less isn't more.

When she was photographed with yellow streaks all over her face, fans probably wondered if she'd let her nephew Mason scribble on her with a magic marker. However, the streaks were actually a ton of yellow primer -- one of the many layers of camouflage that Kim applies to her face. Kim allegedly spends up to three hours a day applying all those layers, so it's not surprising that's she's confessed to having her makeup artist paint her face while she's sleeping.

Fur Falsies

Kim has killer eyelashes and loves wearing fur, so it should come as no surprise that she wears eyelash extensions made from pieces of the pelts of animals that are often killed for their fur. She's one of the many celebs who reportedly rock mink eyelashes, which are made from fur that's brushed off of the animals. So fortunately this is one instance where the creatures she uses to stay pretty don't have to perish.

Fretting Over Her Forehead

Kim certainly seems to be laser-focused on what her forehead looks like. She's admitted to having tiny hairs removed from the edge of her scalp via laser treatments, but recently she decided to cover her forehead with face-framing bangs. Now there's nothing strange about getting bangs, but it is a little crazy that Kim felt the need to document getting her locks lopped off with tweets and a video, and she even quipped that the change might make her cry (no tear stick required). She also tested the look out with a pair of clip-on bangs before she decided to actually make the cut.

Freaky Facials

Kim recently shocked everyone by posting a photo of her bloody vampire facelift, which is a procedure that involves drawing blood from the arm; adding chemicals to separate it so that it becomes like that "yellowy stuff that you see oozing out" when you scrape your knee; and injecting it into the face. So unfortunately the painful-looking procedure has nothing to do with sexy, sparkly vampires like Edward Cullen. Another of Kim's odd beauty secrets seems to be using her face as a salad bowl -- she makes a mask from avocado, potato, and apple sauce.

So what strange stuff will Kim put on her face next? Will she rub breast milk on her mug if she ever suffers a psoriasis breakout that mars her moneymaker? Or will she have her placenta turned into some sort of face cream? Maybe it's time for the mom-to-be to take a break from messing with her face.

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