Steven Spielberg Says No to Directing the Next 'Star Wars' Film - 3 Reasons We Hope He Reconsiders

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Steven Spielberg Says No to Directing the Next 'Star Wars' Film - 3 Reasons We Hope He Reconsiders

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Director Steven Spielberg has shown time again that he belongs in the elite echelon of cinematic cra …

Last week huge news came down that George Lucas was selling the rights to the franchise that he built his, ahem, empire on to Disney. At the same time that news was released, it was also announced that a seventh "Star Wars" film was in production, slated for a 2015 release, and that got everyone talking of course about the details of this new sequel.

One detail in particular that was discussed was of course who would direct the film. Names from all over the spectrum were floated, and Steven Spielberg's was among them. The "Lincoln" director broke fans hearts though when he told Access Hollywood that he had no intention of directing the next "Star Wars" flick. We have to admit to being a little bummed ourselves, but we think we might have three reasons that Steven might reconsider his decision.

Despite What He Said, He Can Do This Genre - When speaking to Access, Spielberg said, "It's not my genre. It's my best friend George's genre. " But as far as we can tell, doing another "Star Wars" film would be like doing "Raiders of the Lost Ark" in space, and anyone who's seen "E.T. the Extraterrestrial" knows Spielberg knows a thing or two about science fiction. For further evidence, see "Close Encounters of Third Kind." Not your genre indeed, Steven!

He Might Be The Only One To Convince Harrison Ford To Sign On - The man who played Han Solo in the first three "Star Wars" films has gone on record any number of times saying he's not interested in playing the swashbuckling space pirate anymore. But if Spielberg could get the famously irascible Ford to agree to a fourth (and possibly fifth) "Indiana Jones" film, surely he could convince Harrison to play the role that put him on the map again. Obviously the story is going to have to be set far into the future if they plan to use any of the original cast, but it would be a treat to see them all together one more time at least.

For Nostalgia's Sake - Hardcore fans of the franchise pined after Spielberg to direct one or all three of the oft-lampooned prequels that Lucas himself wrote and directed. Many feel that Steven's touch could have helped smooth out the lack of chemistry between Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen, and perhaps even made Jar Jar Binks much less annoying. It would have been a dream pairing to put Spielberg behind the wheel of his best friend's franchise, but it never came to fruition. This might be our last chance to see what the man who gave us "Jaws" could do with a galaxy far, far away.

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