Stephen Colbert Cracks Up Diane Keaton -- What She's Been Up to Lately

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On "The Colbert Report" Stephen Colbert skewers news media coverage and pundit shows. A regular segment on his show is an interview portion. Many times the guests are political figures or people in that arena. From time to time though he also interviews artists, musicians and actors. Last night, Colbert had on Academy Award winner Diane Keaton, and the segment was a hilarious six minutes in which host and guest talked and joked and eventually Keaton cracked up and lost control of her laughter.

It was obvious from the start that two really like each other, as they talked about a shared hug backstage before the segment. Fully inhabiting his alter-ego's persona, Colbert showed mock surprise and shock when the "Annie Hall" actress told he she'd not vote for him if he ran for President. The funniest moment came though as Colbert and Keaton were discussing the book she was there to promote.

"It's really wonderful that it's in paperback, because it'll make it so much easier to pulp. It won't gum up the gears." What made Keaton finally crack after a couple full minutes of back-and-forth with Colbert was when he called her "bold" for admitting she loved her mother. "It takes real courage to say that you loved your mother." Keaton wound up laughing so hard she had to put her head down on the interview table. It was a great moment of spontaneous and genuine laughter at the hands of a masterful comedian.

So what's the 66-year-old Keaton been up to lately?

She's a New York Times Bestseller - Keaton was appearing on the show to promote the paperback edition of her memoir, "Then Again." In it, Keaton discusses her relationship with her mother, whose diaries she read through in preparation for the novel. Throughout her career in showbiz, Diane has picked up many awards and accolades, and thanks to the sales of her books, she's now also a bestselling author.

She's Starring In "Darling Companion" - Diane is certainly not ready to retire from acting and just write books. She's currently starring in a small, limited-release film about a woman who loves her dog more than she loves her husband. The film also stars veteran actor Kevin Kline as Keaton's husband, and "Mad Men" star Elisabeth Moss as Keaton's daughter in the film. The movie was written by Lawrence and Meg Kasdan who also co-wrote "Grand Canyon" in 1991.

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