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Cinderella is one of the most popular and well-known princesses. Although many modern day adaptations differ significantly from the original story, most feature a lovely girl in a negative situation rising above her circumstances. Oh, and finding her Prince Charming. The following actresses have all played a version of this iconic character on the big screen:

Drew Barrymore in "Ever After"

In "Ever After," Drew plays a Cinderella that doesn't have the magical components present in the original although it is set in a similar time. Barrymore's character Danielle uses her own abilities and intelligence to get out of sticky situations and overcome her position in life. She does, of course, still end up with a handsome suitor.

The free-spirited Barrymore has starred in a variety of roles, and although once known for her wild child antics, now is a settled-down adult. She has lent her vocal talents to "Family Guy," kicked butt as an angel, and rocked as a roller derby powerhouse. Drew recently filmed "Everybody Loves Whales" and spends a lot of time focusing on her foundation.

Anne Hathaway in "Ella Enchanted"

This twist on the Cinderella story was based on a book by the same name. Given a very unlucky "gift," Ella (Anne) is forced to do whatever she is told. Saddled with a horrid stepmother and two ugly stepsisters, Ella manages to snag her prince and overcome the spell.

Although Anne also played another version of Cinderella in the rags to riches "The Princess Diaries" and a queen in "Alice in Wonderland," most of her more recent roles have avoided royalty. The brunette beauty is tackling another popular adaptation-filled genre: Superheroes! She'll play the role of Cat Woman in "The Dark Knight Rises."

Hilary Duff in "A Cinderella Story"

As the title suggests, "A Cinderella Story" does little to change the original story. Hilary's character Sam has lost her father and has a horrible step-family. She overcomes it all, hooks up with the hot guy, and gets in to the college she has always dreamed of!

Hilary is tackling a brand-new type of role in real-life. The "Lizzie Maguire" star married Mike Comrie last year. The couple announced soon after their one-year anniversary that they were expanding their family; the happy pair are pregnant!

Jennifer Lopez in "Maid in Manhattan"

Playing a hotel maid, Jennifer gets caught trying on a guest's clothing. Her "prince," a senatorial candidate, assumes she is the wealthy woman and begins pursuing her. Of course the developing relationship doesn't travel in a smooth line, but in the end, all ends well. Marissa (Jennifer,) starting as the maid, ends up with her man and in control of her own hospitality business.

Lopez's career is hitting a high note. Her new music is popular, and she has a comfy gig as one of the "American Idol" judges. Unfortunately her personal life has been turbulent. Her marriage to Marc Anthony has ended in divorce and tabloid rumors, including infidelity, are circulating in the media.

Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"

One of the most popular rags-to-riches versions of Cinderella, Julia plays a prostitute who falls in love with a very wealthy client. Of course, the client (Richard Gere) also falls in love with her. Although Roberts acted before "Pretty Woman," playing Vivian Ward turned her into a huge star!

The married mother of three is returning to the fairy-tale genre in an updated Snow White. Only this time Julia isn't playing the princess, she's taking on the evil queen!

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