The Stars of 'Lab Rats' Talk About Off-Camera Hobbies

Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund and Tyrel Jackson Williams from 'Lab Rats'

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Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund and Tyrel Jackson Williams from 'Lab Rats'

Disney XD's new show "Lab Rats" premieres on Monday, February 27 and stars four up-and-coming young actors. On the show, Leo (played by Tyrel Jackson Williams) moves into the house of his new step-dad (played by Hal Sparks). Once there, he discovers that he has three bionic super-powered siblings that were created by his new father. The three kids - played by Billy Unger, Spencer Boldman and Kelli Berglund - hide their special talents from the world, while helping Leo navigate high school. At a recent press event the young actors talked about their characters and what they like to do when they're not working.

Tyrel Jackson Williams Loves to Cook

Williams, who has appeared in other Disney shows in the past including "Pair of Kings" and "Good Luck Charlie," described his character. "Leo is a little bit quirky. He loves video games, and comic books and science fiction and science in general. And the fact that he has three brand new super human siblings is a dream come true or him."

When Williams is not on set he enjoys spending time in the kitchen. "I love cooking… I have a basic understanding of cooking pretty much anything because I'm always in the kitchen with my parents whenever they're making anything. I love to bake. I love to bake cookies and brownies pretty much anything my family will eat I'll make it."

Kelli Berglund Makes Her Own Movies with Her Sister

Berglund plays Bree, the bionic teen with super speed, who just wants to fit in with the other girls at school. Berglund stated, "She's a bionic girl… And so when she gets out into the real world, since she's lived in an underground lab her entire life, she has no idea what normal girls are like... She has her insecurities but she tries her best to be a normal girl."

One of Berglund's favorite things to do when she's not working is to hang out with her nine-year-old sister. She noted, "I love sending time with my sister. Whenever I'm not on the set I'm always at home playing with her." The siblings often get artsy. "I like going to my computer and creating movies with my little sister… Some of those picture movies I create, where you take a bunch of pictures and it totally looks like a movie… I'm really creative and I like putting things together."

Berglund also spends her spare time dancing, something she has done for 11 years. She also creates routines for herself and her friends, "Not only do I like taking classes with choreographers, but in my spare time… I like choreographing dances on my own and I've actually had to do it for some projects, too." She also revealed, "I've been able to incorporate a little bit of my dancing in the show, so that's been awesome."

Billy Unger Is Also a Singer/Songwriter

Disney fans may recognize Unger from appearances on "Kickin' It" and "Sonny with a Chance." On "Lab Rats" he plays Chase, the youngest superhuman of the three siblings. Unger said, "Chase is the brains of the three bionic super humans. That's his unique ability. He's super intelligent. He has super bionic senses. And he's also very athletic. He can punch. He can kick. He can flip, run up walls. He's the one that when they're in a bind and they need a way out, he's the one that lays out the plan and says this is what we're going to do. Now let's do it."

Besides acting Unger loves music and is a singer/songwriter. He said, "Right now I'm musically focusing on guitar just so that I can get really, really good. I'm really into, always have been, '70s and '80s classic rock… I love Aerosmith. I love Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, anything from that era, Led Zeppelin. So my guitar style is very much like Slash or Jimmy Page. I love playing that kind of music. It's where my heart's at."

Spencer Boldman Wanted to be a Spy as a Kid

The oldest superhuman of the group is Adam, played by Spencer Boldman. The actor has appeared in "iCarly" and "I'm in the Band" and will make his feature film debut in the upcoming "21 Jump Street" with Channing Tatum and Johnny Depp. He describes his character Adam as "the goofiest person I've ever played in my entire life. He's really, really funny. He's the comic relief of the show. When something bad is happening, he always has something funny to say."

Boldman, who is outdoorsy and plays lacrosse, admitted that when he was little he wanted to be a spy. He explained, "When I was little I would always go to the store and I would get these high-tech gadget things that I would put in my room and all over the house. My mom would get so annoyed because if you walked past, sensors would go off. Something would happen all the time and I thought it was the coolest thing."

Watch the premiere of "Lab Rats" on Monday, February 27 at 8:30 p.m. EST/7:30 p.m. Central on Disney XD.

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