Stacy Keibler Talks Style: Her Hottest Looks of All Time

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Stacy Keibler has recently spoken about the importance of making an effort to look good. In an interview with Self magazine, she talks about keeping fit, and offers some of her own personal exercise tips. The former WWE diva always looks stunning, whether at a red carpet event, or just taking it easy. Here are four of Stacy's hottest looks.

Oscars 2012

At this year's Oscars, Keibler was one of the most talked about stars on the red carpet. Her gold Marchesa gown was super glamorous, and while many female celebrities go overboard with their dresses at prestigious events, Stacy kept it simple and subtle. Her boyfriend, George Clooney, was so impressed by her appearance, he couldn't stop talking about it!

Premiere of "The Break Up" 2006

Long before she began dating Mr. Clooney, the beautiful blonde was already showing her amazing sense of style. At the 2006 premiere of "The Break Up," she donned an orange, floral print dress. It sounds like an ugly outfit choice, but she looked striking in the bold colors. Her use of simple accessories toned the look down a little, making her look classy, not trashy.

Golden Globes 2012

Stacy really made her mark on the fashion world this year, and at the Golden Globes, she opted for a classic red evening dress. One of the things she does exceptionally well is keeping her outfits understated. While many stars would have looked bland in a plain red gown, Keibler's natural beauty means she can shine in the most basic outfit.

Barefoot In Blue 2012

Not only is George Clooney's girl one of the hottest women in Hollywood, she's also a supporter of charities. In this photo for Barefoot In Blue, Keibler looks incredible in her casual attire. Her dress is cute, and even though denim hasn't been a big fashion trend in a while, somehow she managed to rock that jacket!

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