St. Patty's Day is Coming Up! - the Hottest Irish Male Celebs

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Liam Neeson will portray Zeus in the 2010 'Clash of the Titans'.

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Liam Neeson will portray Zeus in the 2010 'Clash of the Titans'.

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and although most of us will be spending the holiday trying not to get pinched we'll also be swooning over the hottest male Irish celebs. Here's the lowdown on the sexiest babes in Hollywood with Irish roots.

Colin Farrell

When we think of hot Irish actors this guy always comes up first. Colin's sizzling Irish accent and hot bod has had us drooling over him ever since we first caught a glimpse of him years ago in "Minority Report" and "Phone Booth." He took a few years off of his career so we were pleasantly surprised to see him playing a seductive vampire in "Fright Night" last year. The actor has been known to pull some pretty crazy antics in the past. How do you think Colin celebrates St. Patty's Day?


Like Colin Farrell, you can't really think of Irish celebs without mentioning Bono. This musical babe born in Dublin has been on our list of hot Irish actors ever since U2 debuted singing about social and political issues going in Ireland. Bono's look as changed over the years but if anything has remained the same it's his sexy Irish look and signature sunglasses.

Cillian Murphy

This actor may possibly be our favorite babe on this list of Irish male celebs. When we first saw Cillian in "Red Eye" we couldn't get enough of his baby blue eyes, pale skin, and dark hair. Originally from Cork, Ireland Cillian was a musician before he was an actor. We've never heard him sing but we're glad this hottie took the leap from music to the big screen so we could see his hot Irish body in action in movies like "Inception" and "Batman Begins."

Liam Neeson

This Northern Irish born and bred actor has been a favorite of ours for years. How can you not melt when seeing him in films like "Taken" or "Love Actually?" Liam is known for not only his good looks but his killer acting skills playing a range of roles and characters. We were seriously sad when Liam's wife Natasha Richardson passed suddenly a few years ago and we hope he finds true love again.

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