Snooki Welcomes Kate Middleton to Celebrity Mommy Club; Plus, Media Reactions to Royal Pregnancy

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Snooki Welcomes Kate Middleton to Celebrity Mommy Club; Plus, Media Reactions to Royal Pregnancy

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Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Perhaps angling for a play date between her junior meatball and the impending royal baby, Snooki reached out to the former Kate Middleton yesterday to offer some encouragement to the pregnant princess.

"It's hard, but don't stress out!" Snooki told the Duchess of Cambridge in a newspaper interview. "Enjoy your pregnancy and be excited."

Currently hospitalized for a severe form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum, Kate was likely comforted to know the pint-sized party girl has her back.

Meanwhile, two Australian radio DJs pulled a prank on the hospital caring for the ailing mum-to-be, impersonating the Queen of England and her son, Prince Charles, with snooty British accents. They were put through to a nurse who -- to their surprise -- gave out confidential information about Kate's condition.

Apologizing for his stunt on Twitter, radio jock Michael Christian tweeted, "Just on our royal prank call... we were very surprised that our call was put through, we thought we'd be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents."

His partner in crime, Mel Greig, also said sorry on Twitter. "We thought we'd be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents, we're very sorry if we've caused any issues for Kate or the nurse," she tweeted contritely. "It was honestly meant as fun and I do hope the nurse and Kate are OK."

This left only the embarrassed King Edward VII Hospital to apologize to the royal family, though it chose to do it the old-fashioned way instead of using social media. "This was a foolish prank call that we all deplore," said a hospital spokesman in an official statement. "We take patient confidentiality extremely seriously and we are now reviewing our telephone protocols."

You mean like maybe getting the last four digits of the Queen's social security number or the name of her first corgi?

Even the mainstream media has had a field day finding every angle of the royal pregnancy it could cover.

Britain's Daily Mail reported that Kate's mother-in-law, the late Princess Diana, was bulimic prior to her pregnancy with Will. "She endured terrible bouts of morning sickness and her weight continued to plummet," the newspaper noted. "The 20-year-old began to look thin and drawn. Despite being so ill, she continued to carry out her duties even though she could only do them for an hour at a time."

Over at the Fox News website, headline writers took a different tack, wondering "Why do Americans care so much?" We're thinking maybe because it's a tad more pleasant than dwelling on global frictions and fiscal cliffs.

Of course, the royal baby frenzy is just getting started. With the fixation on these celebrity parents-to-be so intense from the moment Wills finally proposed to his Waity Katie, we can only imagine that every kick will be documented, doctor's appointment filmed and maternity fashion dissected.

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