Snooki Vs. LeAnn Rimes - Why Snooki Is Doing a Better Job at Responding to 'Haters'

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Snooki Vs. LeAnn Rimes - Why Snooki Is Doing a Better Job at Responding to 'Haters'

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Today in a blog post, Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) talked about how she responds to bullies and death threats. Meanwhile, LeAnn Rimes continues her media tour, hoping to regain public sympathy.

Both women have dealt with their share of detractors over the years, but between the two, Snooki has done a better job at riding out the criticism. Here's a look at why Snooki is doing a better job of sticking it to the "haters."

Snooki Doesn't Expect Everyone To Like Her

The biggest difference between Snooki and LeAnn is that Snooki understands that not everyone will like her. As she writes in her blog, "It's not a secret that I may not be the most liked person on the planet, especially because people love to judge me off of Jersey Shore. I totally get it, everyone has their own opinion and I realize not EVERYONE is going to like me."

Snooki Doesn't Give Haters The Satisfaction

Snooki has Internet haters from around the world, and she has received death threats from people who think she is an "abomination to society." Yet she's not willing to give them the satisfaction of knowing that she takes their criticisms to heart.

As she tells other victims of bullying, "know that if they are taking the time to let you know their opinion about you, they truly care about you. They care enough to try and bring you down. You are already winning and people just plain suck. I'm sad to say that there will always be issues with people being rude and ignorant and judgmental, but its up to us to say screw it, I'm fabulous. Don't ever think you're anything less than fabulous!"

Meanwhile, LeAnn seems to carry herself with a sense of desperation. Years later, she's still talking about the affair with Eddie Cibrian, still feuding with Brandi Glanville on Twitter, and still trying to justify her past behavior. She might want to take a cue from public figures like Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods. They were able to survive cheating scandals because they moved on and stopped talking about it so much.

Yesterday in an interview with Perez Hilton, LeAnn went on about how she's "a woman with a beating heart" and how people don't realize that there's a "human being" at the receiving end of all the criticism. This is absolutely the wrong way to go. People can always smell desperation, and because of it, they target her even more.

Snooki Makes No Apologies About Being Herself

As seen on "Jersey Shore," Snooki can be loud, crass, and obnoxious. But her biggest redeeming quality is her honesty. She doesn't pretend to be some paradigm of virtue and purity. She stays true to herself and doesn't apologize for who she is.

LeAnn, on the other hand, is trying way too hard to rehabilitate her former good girl image. In a recent interview with ET, she talked about how she regularly asks God for forgiveness. "I've definitely asked for forgiveness … on a daily basis. We are human beings who are going to sin and make mistakes and if you have that connection, for me, is something that I feel is bigger than me, it's not something that's unusual to do."

Snooki Has a Sense of Humor

Sometimes, humor is the best way to respond to critics. Back in March, Snooki debuted her post-pregnancy 42-pound weight loss. After fending off rumors that she had starved herself eating nothing but egg whites and lettuce, the reality star posted a hilarious video of herself telling a waiter that she had ordered chicken and broccoli, before smashing an egg yolk over a tabloid story about her weight loss.

And last week, she posted a picture of herself flexing a bicep, tweeting "'Too skinny' my a--. #FIT."

Instead of continually rehashing the affair, and talking about her fragile emotional state, Rimes might benefit from developing a sense of humor and not taking herself so seriously.

Are the criticisms of Snooki and LeAnn justified? Who is doing a better job at responding to the "haters"? Can LeAnn ever win back the fans?

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