Snooki Talks About Sharing Parental Duties: What Else She's Been Up To

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Snooki Talks About Sharing Parental Duties: What Else She's Been Up To

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Snooki has been busy talking about parenting.

It's easy to see the changes in Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi. The reformed party girl gave birth to baby Lorenzo in August, and her "Jersey Shore" days are behind her. The final season of the show is currently airing, and there are plenty of possibilities for the 24-year-old star. Of course, the nearly three-month-old little guy remains her top priority. Fortunately, fiancé Jionni does his part in helping out at home. "Well, me and Jionni, we take shifts, so it balances out good," said Snooki, who debuted her new red hair during a televised benefit to raise money for areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. In addition to being a busy mom, Snooki has some other things going on to fill her days in the wake of "Jersey Shore." Here are a few other things that she's been up to lately.

She's helping out with hurricane relief

Like the rest of her former roommates, Snooki is giving back to the shore town that made her famous. Ever since the hurricane ravaged areas such as Seaside Heights, Snooki has taken time to do her part. She's helped in cleanup efforts, and even donated some clothes from her famous wardrobe. The impact of the hurricane carried a little more punch for Snooki since the home of Jionni's family was destroyed. "He had a house in Toms River, which is right by Seaside, they have to knock it down," she said. "Water, the winds, there was just crazy damage."

She's not done with reality TV

While "Jersey Shore" might be finished, Snooki's days in the reality spotlight are far from over. In January, the second season of the "Jersey Shore" spinoff "Snooki & JWoww" will debut. The show focuses on the friendship between the two girls, as well as their relationships with Jionni and Roger Matthews respectively. Seeing that JWoww recently got engaged to Roger, talk is already swirling about a potential double-wedding for the show's third season.

She's writing books

It might be a surprise to some, but Snooki is actually a published author. She has written several semi-autobiographical books, including "Gorilla Beach" which was released this past May. The shore-themed books have been successful, but it seems like motherhood might shift her pen in a new direction. According the star, she is planning to write a children's book based on the stuffed crocodile that is frequently seen on "Jersey Shore."

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