Snooki Pregnant? Will She Be a Good Mom?

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Snooki's new boyfriend is in the relationship for fame only.

Well ladies and gents, it appears the most ridiculous thing in reality television may have happened. Snooki is reportedly three months pregnant.

The reality star first started controversy when she was caught out clubbing without a drink at her hand.

"I got [the pregnancy rumor started] because I was in Vegas, at one of the clubs ... and I didn't want to drink," Snooki said in an interview with

Since then she and her reps have yet to confirm or deny the recent reports from The New York Post that say the young starlet brokered a deal with Us Weekly to release the pregnancy news on their cover.

Until we get the real story of whether the "Jersey Shore" babe is with child let's discuss whether this too tanned chica should even be considering having a baby. Will she be a good mom?

No way! She's too wild.

Obviously, if you've seen "Jersey Shore" you're all too familiar with Snooki's wild antics. She drinks, causes fights, and basks in daily drama. The father of the baby is reportedly Snooki's boyfriend Jionni LaValle. The two aren't married and both are currently living it up in the spotlight being crazy reality stars. Is that really the type of lifestyle a baby should be brought into? Definitely not.

The young TV star will probably continue to ride out the reality fame for as long as she can but even outside of the fame, at the age of 24 Snooki is still really young and needs to grow up before she gives life to another human being. Shouldn't she wait to have a child until she no longer acts like a child herself?

Yes! She's changing her ways.

When Snooki showed off her new banging body we were pleasantly surprised. The reality star discussed in interviews she cut back on drinking in order to gain a killer bod.

So is that why she wasn't seen drinking in Vegas or is she really pregnant? We're not sure yet but if she is pregnant maybe Snooki has finally realized she needs to take what she puts into her body seriously. Is the young star ready to commit to being a mother?

What do you think about the Snooki pregnancy rumors? Sound off!

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