Snooki and Other MTV Reality Show Stars with Leaked Nude Photos

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Snooki found herself in quite a pickle when her nude photos hit the web - the mommy-to-be probably wished that she could deny that they're the real deal, but they simply looked too authentic.

So a rep for the Princess of Poughkeepsie confirmed that the pics weren't photoshopped by stating, "Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public." Unfortunately the public has been seeing a lot of the "Jersey Shore" stars lately - her pal Deena Cortese got arrested for disorderly conduct over the weekend, and JWoww, Pauly D, and the Situation also stirred up trouble by getting in a big bar brawl. But of course no amount of violence or bad behavior can top the attention that a nude photo scandal gets.

Snooks might want to put her partying past behind her since she's about to be a mom, but you wouldn't think that the leaked photos would bother her that much - judging from the amount of orange pixelization that has been seen on "Jersey Shore" over the years, she obviously has no problem flashing her naughty bits to camera crews, bar patrons, and her housemates. So perhaps she'll simply embrace the photos as mementos of her pre-pregnancy bod.

And at least she's not alone - a few other MTV reality show stars have had to deal with their own scandalous photo leaks.

Before heading to "The Hills," an 18-year-old Audrina Patridge took a few photos with her top off in hopes of helping her modeling career to take off. She trusted a photographer to take the photos for her "personal use" only, but of course they ended up all over the internet when she became famous. She said that she felt "betrayed" by the person that made them public, but what kind of a person takes photos for their own personal use, anyway?

But Audrina and Snooks' troubles pale in comparison to those of some of the stars of "Teen Mom." Jenelle Evans, who once got arrested twice in the same week, made the unfortunate decision to take topless before and after photos when she got breast implants. Her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp leaked the photos, but Jenelle decided not to pursue any kind of legal action because she was afraid he would blackmail her. So whatever he knows about the teen mom must be pretty terrible.

Then there's Amber Portwood, whose nude photos were leaked early last year. She was "devastated" that someone close to her sold the photos, and she also alleged that they were taken for "personal reasons." It's really crazy how much Jenelle and Amber have in common with their troubled relationships, leaked photos, and legal problems, but Amber seems to be winning the battle of the bad teen moms right now - she decided to go to jail for five years for a prescription drug charge instead of going to court-ordered rehab. She's also tried to commit suicide multiple times.

So while a nude photo scandal might seem awful to Snooks, at least one of her fellow MTV reality show stars is proof that things could be much worse.

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