Snooki and Other Celebrities Talk About Their Pregnancy Breasts

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Snooki and Other Celebrities Talk About Their Pregnancy Breasts

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Snooki has been sharing a lot with fans about her pregnancy so far.

When some celebrities get pregnant, they just can't help but share their excitement about their new "working" breasts with the world. Some love the size, and some love talking about their misadventures in breastfeeding after they give birth. Snooki hasn't started sharing stories about shooting her "Jersey Shore" cast mates with breast milk or encouraging them to taste it just yet, but of course she's already babbling about her bigger bust.

The pint-sized reality show starlet recently tweeted a picture of herself with a low-cut top along with this message: "I got swagger with my pregnant self!" When one of her followers complimented her expanding cleavage, Snook replied by writing, "They won't stop growing. I'm scared."

She certainly has a reason to be scared - if her breasts get too big, she'll likely just topple over. But at least her difficulty dealing with their current size might make her think twice about getting breast implants, something she's expressed an interest in (she really doesn't need them, pregnancy breasts or not).

Snook's tweet was actually rather tame compared to what some other celebs have said about their pregnancy breasts. Kendra Wilkinson actually considered getting a breast reduction while she was breastfeeding baby Hank because her bra size went from a 34C to an E, but that's not the craziest issue she experienced. Here's what she told Baby Zone about her bizarre breastfeeding experience: "My first party I went to after giving birth to Hank, I went to Eve nightclub in Vegas and my boobs started leaking. I couldn't do anything so I breastfed myself. And it tasted sweet, too!" Ugh - hopefully Snook doesn't ask Kendra for any mommy clubbing advice.

So far the only thing Jessica Simpson has really said about her bigger bust is this: "My belly is officially bigger than my boobs… Well, kinda. Ha." We can only imagine how much she'll overshare when she starts breastfeeding.

Maybe Jess will entertain herself the same way singer Lily Allen did. While she was nursing, the British beauty tweeted that she could shoot her breast milk up to ten feet and that she also suffered from a leaking problem like Kendra. When one of her Twitter followers complained about Lily sharing a little TMI, she pointed out that breasts are "feeding implements," not just "sexyfunbags."

But perhaps no celeb has put their breasts to work like Salma Hayek has - back in 2009, the actress breastfed another woman's baby on camera. She was in Sierra Leone, where many women quit breastfeeding their babies too early because of pressure from their husbands (an old tradition says that breastfeeding women can't have sexual relations). Here's what she told ABC News about sharing her daughter's dinner with another baby: "I actually think my baby would be very proud to share her milk. And when she grows up I'm going to make sure she continues to be a generous, caring person." Celebs have gone to some pretty extreme lengths to make a statement when it comes to things that they believe in, but it's going to be hard for any act to ever top Salma's as far as getting attention goes.

Selma Blair also tried to encourage mothers to be brave and breastfeed whenever their babies are hungry by telling People this: "We all have nipples. I don't care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can't get a cover over me quick enough, so be it."

It might gross a few people out, but maybe celebrities talking about their pregnancy breasts isn't such a bad thing - they're teaching women what body changes to expect when they get pregnant, and those that talk about breastfeeding might encourage other mothers to pick up the healthy habit. Plus it might actually be pretty entertaining to hear about Snook's nursing nightmares after her little meatball is born.

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