Snooki Loses 42 Pounds - Who Else Has Been Losing Weight Lately?

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Snooki Loses 42 Pounds - Who Else Has Been Losing Weight Lately?

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Snooki, is showing off her post-pregnancy weight loss.

The former "Jersey Shore" star has lost 42 pounds since giving birth to her son, Lorenzo, in August 2012. The 4-foot-9-inch reality star is now weighing in at 102 pounds.

Having her baby had given her new incentive to slim down. As she told Us Weekly, "When you have a baby, everything changes...I lost it for me, but I also wanted [boyfriend] Jionni [LaValle] to know that I can be hot as a mom."

Snooki is not the only one who has lost weight recently. Who else is shedding the pounds?

Kate Hudson

After giving birth to her son, Bing in July 2011, Kate is showing off her rocking toned body on this month's issue of Glamour, where she posed topless.

The mother of two credits her fabulous figure to "dancing, Pilates, and running after Bing...He's sprinting!"

Jennie Garth

She successfully lost 30 pounds after having three children. But of course, the difficult part is maintaining the weight loss.

As she tells People, "Maintenance is definitely challenging. It's something you have to do daily. You have to remind yourself what your priorities are, and remind yourself about staying healthy and living a healthy life."

She also credits a gluten-free lifestyle and daily exercise for helping her stay trim.

Carnie Wilson

After her January 2012 lap band surgery, Carnie has managed to lose 40 pounds.

But the hardest part of her ongoing weight loss journey is learning to accept imperfection and to forgive herself if she slips up.

As she told People, "I'm not striving for perfection. This has to be for the rest of my life...So with two kids, a hectic schedule and being a working mom, I fluctuate and that's ok. I'm not beating myself up for it. Every year I'm making more progress now - and that's my goal."

Jim Carrey

The funnyman had to trim down in order to play magician Steve Gray in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," a role that involved several shirtless scenes.

Carrey did not enjoy the weight loss process. After filming ended, he returned to his former figure. As he told People, "It's not a happy place to be. I'm back now. I've got Mr. Cuddly [his stomach] back and we're happy."

As he elaborated, "It's not a natural place to live in that kind of shape. It looks great. It's fantastic and gets a lot of attention, but you have to eat, like, antimatter to stay in that kind of shape."

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