Have Snooki and Kristin Cavallari Started a Young Mommy Trend?

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Snooki, Kristin Cavallari

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Snooki, Kristin Cavallari

For a while there it seemed that a birthing trend had exploded amongst Hollywood's 40-somethings, a testament to the tides of change. But recently, two popular young reality stars have announced that they're expecting. Snooki (also known as Nicole Polizzi), of "Jersey Shore" fame, and former DWTS alum Kristin Cavallari are both having babies. Granted, age 25 isn't super young for children. But could this be the indicator of a drift to early motherhood? Or have we simply been overlooking the simple fact that women of all ages want kids?

Two Kinds of Reality TV Moms

"Jersey Shore" fans may love Snooki's crazy antics. But we're also secretly wondering whether she's actually ready for motherhood. Can she make it through her entire pregnancy without taking a drink? Does she have the ability to keep a child clean and safe at all times? We definitely want to believe so. On the other hand, we've barely considered Kristin Cavallari's potential mothering skills. Few batted an eye when she announced her pregnancy. It's quite possible that the blonde reality star's NFL quarterback fiance Jay Cutler might have a little something to do with that.

Maternal Instincts?

No one can really dictate when a woman's maternal instinct should kick in. For some, the urge to have children begins a little earlier. A million other circumstances are possible factors. Nicole in fact, has mentioned several times how anxious she is to have "little Guidos"---most recently, with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle. But most would say that a mere desire to have kids doesn't automatically make one ready for them. Snooks' penchant for the drink will certainly come into question. We'll also wonder whether she'll continue her famous tomfoolery all throughout motherhood.

Motherhood Can Change Everything…

There are other examples. Nicole Richie---who was actually a couple years older than Snooks and Kristin before starting her family-was known for her racy and turbulent 20s. As she drifted into and out trouble or rehab, we wondered whether she'd become a chronic victim of Hollywood's darker side. Today, we find her at the helm of a loving and tight-knit little clan. Philanthropy and a thriving fashion business fill in the gaps. Proof that anything is possible.

Just a Fluke…

Any number of things could be contributing to what seems like a movement of younger women having children. We've got shows like "Teen Mom" that prove even younger mothers can make it, and they don't have access to nannies or car service. What if in some kind of twisted reality, 20-something celebs started taking cues from their teen counterparts? Stranger things have happened. All in all, it's unlikely that 22 year-olds across the world will begin coordinating their births. But until then, we'll sit back and tune into the show that will find Snooki pushing a baby stroller.

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