How Snooki Became a National Sensation

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Snooki became a national sensation!

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Snooki became a national sensation!

"Jersey Shore's" smallest cast member is no stranger to attention these days. And it looks like nothing will change for the foreseeable future. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's popularity is soaring through the roof. This development mystifies us. How can this be so?

The Jersey Shore Movement has gotten out of hand.

Believe it or not, there exists a segment of the population that feels this show should have been off the air by now. For any number of reasons, these eight newly minted reality millionaires have seriously come up as a result of their questionable shenanigans.

A few of them have spin-off shows set to launch. And pretty much all of them are "entrepreneuring" it up in other areas. Clothing, perfume, health food products, diet pills, swimsuits, and alcohol---you name it, and these Jersey Shore kids have signed off on it. Snooki is a mere cog in the machine that is MTV's "Jersey Shore." Yet, she's effortlessly become the breakout show's star.

She's pint-sized.

When Nicole Polizzi bounced onto the scene in 2009, we did a double take. Who was this exotic little creature with the big attitude? Her diminutive presence bubbled over with personality and she instantly became the person to watch. Of course she's not the first celebrity to hover below five feet. But she's certainly one of a kind.

That "Punch"…

Who can forget that sucker punch Snooks received in the show's first season? We were outraged watching this man who would so blatantly strike a woman in public. The scene caused an Internet uproar. And before you knew it, Nicole Polizzi was a guest on one talk show after the next. It's unfortunate that such an ugly incident would propel a person to fame. But in this case, it was merely one of a few things that kept Snooki in the headlines.

She embarrassed by nothing.

It takes a certain kind of personality to find relative ease with being on a reality show---especially one in which you're sharing a home with seven virtual strangers. We've seen Snooki's underwear (lots of times), heard her burp incessantly, and watched her urinate anywhere/anytime. In fact, the list of things that we know about Polizzi's personal anatomy is probably too long for comfort. Frequently finding herself on the ground after one or twelve cocktails, she openly admits that nothing embarrasses her: prime reality show material.

We love to hate.

Unfortunately, as a result of all that free-spirited guilty goodness, quite a few people have become disgruntled. They don't want their impressionable young sons and daughters watching this tiny fist-pumping avenger getting hammered and happily incontinent. Therefore, give us people a thing, and we'll find a way to hate it---and an organization to sponsor us. We love hating things. And in this case, the entity that is Snooki is a prime target.

She joined the Hollywood Baby Train…

Hollywood trends have a way of getting out of hand really quickly. As such, the trend of following Snooki's every move is in full effect. Now that she's announced her pregnancy and is rocking a huge rock, we're even more interested in what family life will be like for her and fiance Jionni LaValle. If Nicole Pollizzi intended to outlive her Shore castmates' 15 minutes of fame, what better way to do it than with a wedding and baby?

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