Sinead O'Connor and Other Singers Who Wave the Bi Flag

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Sinead O' Connor

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Sinead O' Connor

Controversial singer Sinead O'Connor has come out from under the radar to declare on her blog, and on Twitter, that she desires sexual intimacy. "I am in the peak of my sexual prime and way too lovely to be living like a nun. And it's VERY depressing," O'Connor writes. The woman made famous for "Nothing Compares 2 U" and other songs has even gone so far as to take applications for potential suitors.

Says the Irish singer, "I'm three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay. I lean a bit more toward the hairy blokes."

Such a statement confirms bisexuality, and in fact, when it comes to the application, says Sinead, "Women will also be very much considered."

Bisexual singers represent the B in LGBT. They may not be as obvious as out of the closet gay or lesbian artists, but they're out there. Who are some of the performers who wave the bi flag?

Billie Joe Armstrong

He's the 39-year-old Green Day frontman known for his outstanding lyrics and guitar playing ability but also for his black hair and black eyeliner. Bisexuality is no big deal to the singer.

"I think I've always been bisexual ... It's a beautiful thing," says Armstrong. "The fact that it is an issue is kind of phobic within itself. At some point ... this should be something that's just accepted."


When you think of The Black Eyed Peas you probably think of the 36-year-old beauty Fergie. She admits to sexual relations with females. "Put it this way, I've experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend," says the pop singer.

Lady Gaga

A singer brave enough to be Jo Calderone at the MTV Video Music Awards is brave enough to come out as bisexual. The 25-year-old pop diva is out and proud about being bi.

"I've certainly had sexual relationships with women, yeah," says the singer.

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