Sibling Rivalry: 4 Actors Trying to One-Up Their Famous Big Brothers

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Having a "perfect" older brother is bad enough when you're just trying to impress Mom and Dad and the kids in the neighborhood. Now imagine you're Dave Franco, an up-and-coming TV actor trying to compete with a sibling who gained fame playing James Dean, had a pivotal role in the blockbuster "Spider-Man" trilogy, excelled in both comedy and independent films, got nominated for an Oscar and hosted the Oscars. No pressure! News recently broke that wee brother Dave landed the villain role on the "21 Jump Street" movie, and we all know what the original TV series did to launch Johnny Depp's career. Will Dave's new role, and his raunchy NSFW Funny or Die video, help him step out of the shadow of big brother? Maybe he can learn a thing or two from three fellow actors striving for their own fame in their brothers' shadows.

Casey Affleck: Two of the earliest roles in Casey's career came from working in his brother's films, "Chasing Amy" and "Good Will Hunting"--the latter winning big brother Ben a screenwriting Oscar with co-writer and star Matt Damon. After a string of forgettable films and a small role in the "Ocean's 11" series, Casey got serious accolades for his acting at the same time Ben re-established his own writing cred, on critically acclaimed drama "Gone Baby Gone." That same year, however, Casey landed himself Oscar and Golden Globe best supporting actor nominations for "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." Less successful 2010 film "The Killer Inside Me" still netted Casey admiration from critics like Roger Ebert. Whether the Affleck brothers compete or collaborate, they seem to feed off of each other's successes, which is the best form of sibling rivalry.

Kevin Dillon: A few years after big brother Matt kicked off his career with "The Outsiders," Kevin started off his 80s career with future Brat Packers in "Heaven Help Us" and with Oscar nominees Willem Dafoe and Tom Berenger in "Platoon." Unfortunately Kevin's promising start seemed to stall while his brother cultivated his heartthrob status. While he continued working, eventually landing recurring guest roles on "NYPD Blue" and "24," Kevin's big moment finally came in 2004 with HBO series "Entourage." Kevin had plenty of emotional background to bring to his role as Johnny "Drama" Chase, the much less famous brother of blockbuster star Vincent Chase, but he also nailed the comedy. While Matt has an Oscar nomination for "Crash," Kevin's nabbed a Golden Globe nomination and multiple Emmy noms for "Entourage."

William Baldwin: Back at the start of the 90s, the Baldwins were a powerhouse family--Alec was starring in "Hunt for Red October," Stephen had girls swooning in TV series "The Young Riders," and William soared with the hit trifecta of "Flatliners," "Internal Affairs," and "Backdraft." Unfortunately, William's career meandered after the brilliant start, and Alec solidified his position as the most famous and successful Baldwin. In 2005, William improved his rep with indie fave "The Squid and the Whale." Two years later he landed a role in what many felt was a canceled-too-soon-tragedy, "Dirty Sexy Money." With recent recurring guest roles on "Parenthood" and "Gossip Girl," William has edged back into the spotlight, eerily looking and sounding more like big brother Alec every day.

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