Late Show Shuffle: If Jimmy Fallon Replaces Jay Leno, Who Replaces Jimmy?

Five Choices to Fill the Late-Late Night Vacancy

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Late Show Shuffle:  If Jimmy Fallon Replaces Jay Leno, Who Replaces Jimmy?

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Jimmy Fallon

Rumors abound that Jay Leno is finally retiring…again, and for good this time. With the foregone conclusion that Jimmy Fallon will fill the earlier time slot, few have yet to discuss what NBC will do with the late-late night slot. Here is a list of potential hosts to occupy the soon-to-be vacant desk.

Tina Fey

Late night comedy on the national networks has been an old boys club forever, but Tina Fey would be the most likely choice to break that glass ceiling. She is a proven entity in writing, producing and starring, all at NBC no less. With a presence on the peacock network for over a decade, it seems an obvious choice to fill the late slot if the talented comedian is interested in the job. The former star of "30 Rock" would no doubt be able to score interviews with the biggest names from film stars to first ladies…well, except for maybe Taylor Swift.

Andy Samberg

Certainly in the mold of the current host, Andy Samberg could keep the young-hearted, goofy vibe that made Jimmy Fallon's show a success. The "Saturday Night Live" funnyman and visionary behind the "Digital Shorts" would be the perfect follow-up to Fallon and keep the viewers engaged and watching well into the late hours of the night.

Justin Timberlake

While continuing with the theme of "Saturday Night Live" vets -- and taking it one step further -- the perennial favorite guest host of the last decade could bring a whole new flavor to late night television. As a legitimate triple threat performer, the "Suit & Tie" singer could create the kind of late night variety show not seen on air in decades and reinvigorate the faltering network. It is highly unlikely that the soon-to-be touring musician would settle into a desk at NBC, but the choice would likely change the concept of late night comedy forever.

Neil Patrick Harris

Proven to be the consummate host at award shows, Neil Patrick Harris would be well suited to this world. With the final season of "How I Met Your Mother" due to finish well before Leno's retirement, there will certainly be an opportunity for NPH to find a new home for his viewer-embraced version of both comedy and hosting. Much like Justin Timberlake, Harris' musical abilities could lend to a variety-style show and help to re-invent the format typically expected from this time slot.

Seth MacFarlane

He may not have been the most popular Oscar host in history, but neither was David Letterman or Jon Stewart. If Seth MacFarlane wants to stay in front of the camera and leave his animated shows to other writers, this would be the perfect slot for the "Family Guy" scribe to fill. Most haters of his Oscar hosting would agree that his brand of humor is best suited to late night comedy, and one only has to look at his stints leading the "Comedy Central Roasts" to know that he has the chops to carry a late night show.

While NBC would probably prefer to just have Jimmy Fallon hold viewers hostage for two hours straight, there will most likely be a need to find a new late-late night host. Sound off below on your favorite pick of the next host to follow in Fallon's footsteps.

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