Shannen Doherty Shoots Down Baby Bump Speculations: Who Else is Denying Pregnancy Rumors?

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Shannen Doherty Shoots Down Baby Bump Speculations: Who Else is Denying Pregnancy Rumors?

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Shanne Doherty squashed baby rumors this week!

Shannen Doherty is smacking down rumors that she is pregnant.

This week, paparazzi took some unflattering photos of her at a grocery store in Malibu, causing speculation about whether or not she was sporting a baby bump. In response, Shannen took to Twitter to slam the tabloids and the pregnancy rumors.

As she tweeted, "sad paparazzi & bad gossip sites, I'm a size 2, not sporting a baby bump. That's simply the hamburger I wolfed down 2 minutes prior.Pathetic"

Shannen is not the only one who is addressing baby bump speculations. Who else is smacking down pregnancy rumors?

Blake Lively

Although the "Gossip Girl" star married Ryan Reynolds in a surprise secret wedding, her rep denies any speculations that she is secretly pregnant. Lively's rep slammed the rumors as "completely untrue."

Of course, this does not mean that she is ruling out babies in the future. As she once remarked, "I've always wanted a big family. Oh, I'd have 30 children if I could."

Nicole Kidman

Nicole has been on baby bump watch on and off throughout her career, but she doesn't let these types of rumors bother her anymore.

As she told Harper's Bazaar, these rumors affect her, "Less as you get older. All of that other stuff becomes less important. Like, I've always had a little belly. I mean, now that I'm 45, they don't say, 'Oh, she's pregnant!' as much. But I've got skinny arms and legs, and then I've got a little belly."


Last month, bloggers speculated that the singer might be pregnant because of her fluctuating weight.

As she explained, "[People ask if I'm pregnant] every time I fluctuate a few pounds. Like right now, I'm a couple pounds up. Sometimes I go a couple pounds down and I wear the clothes that are more fitted, but people kind of look at me because they're expecting [that] it's that time. We do hope for children and that will be coming up, but it's not yet."

Eva Longoria

This month, Star Magazine reported that Eva and her boyfriend, Mark Sanchez "already have a little one on the way." As the source told Star, "Eva isn't the type to say she's pregnant until the three-month mark because she's afraid of complications."

Her spokesperson responded with a statement, saying, "Rumors of the couple being pregnant are false and absolutely not true."

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