'Shameless' - 5 Facts About Emmy Rossum

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'Shameless' - 5 Facts About Emmy Rossum

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Emmy Rossum

One of the most fascinating characters on Showtime's "Shameless" is played by Emmy Rossum. With her thick dark hair, toothy grin and fearless determination, Fiona Gallagher is a blue collar Wonder Woman. And it doesn't hurt that the 26-year-old Rossum has fabulous acting skills to boot.

The American version of "Shameless" is a remake of the British series of the same name. It focuses on the Gallagher family with Frank Gallagher, played by William Macy, as the drug addicted and alcoholic single father of six kids. The kids are forced to take care of themselves with Fiona as one of the main providers. What are five facts about the fierce "Shameless" actress?

Fans often think of her as the actual Fiona

Rossum does such a great job with her role as the oldest Gallagher child that sometimes fans think she's really like that. "I think because TV is in your house, people more associate you with a character [from] TV than a character in a film . . . Some people forget that you're a different person than your actual character, so some people will come up to me -- either locally in Chicago or in an airport or whatever and say, 'You are such an amazing mother to those kids!' And I'm just like (nods) 'Thank you . . . ' 'Fiona, can we have a picture with you?' 'Sure, sure,'" Emmy said.

The actress is also a singer and songwriter

"Sentimental Journey" is the name of the star's new album. It is a collection of cover songs, but what makes it unique is that the covers span from the '20s to the '60s. The "Shameless" star is a singer and songwriter who sang in the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus and who shared the stage with Luciano Pavarotti.

What is her answer to a comment made by Lena Dunham?

"Girls" creator Lena Dunham, 26, stripped on screen and was called "brave" afterwards. Back in June of 2012, Lena Dunham made a comment about Emmy's body while talking to Bill Simmons at The B.S. Report.

Bill Simmons, "You get praised because of your fearlessness, because you get naked and you'll have a really uncomfortable sex scene. Why do people get praise for that? You created an honest character; it almost feels like it's insulting in some way. Like, 'oh she gets naked on this show, she's fearless.' That's the character you're playing. Do you think that's weird or am I over-thinking that?"

Lena Dunham, "No, I think that's really smart. I mean, it's funny -- you've just very succinctly said something that I kind of feel in a loose way all the time. So thank you for clarifying that for me because I think . . . first thing, I think that part of the reason I get that is because I'm not super thin. Like, no one's like, 'Emmy Rossum is so brave. She always shows her butt on Shameless.' It's because she's got a perfect butt and nobody is stressed about it and they assume she's not stressed about it either, but they assume because I don't have a model body type that every time I take my clothes off it's a battle with myself. And a lot of things are a battle with myself, but for some reason getting naked is not one of them. I just don't feel a deep self-consciousness in that part of my life. And so I think you're really right, that it's sort of like, there's something really condescending about . . . I mean, I think it's brave to do things that scare you. And this isn't the thing that scares me."

But what does Rossum have to say about that?

"I don't have a perfect butt," said Emmy. "I don't think it's brave to take off your clothes. I think it's brave to be emotionally bare. I think it's brave to play unlikable, and I think it's brave to put on prosthetics and make yourself ugly. I think it's brave to be vulgar. Whether Lena and I are taking our clothes off on cable is of no consequence. We're just trying to tell stories. I love her on Girls, and she clearly appreciates my bottom as well. But it's just your body. It doesn't matter."

She loves Joan Cusack's store

"Shameless" is shot in Chicago, and one of the singer and actresses' favorite shopping spots is owned by fellow actress Joan Cusack who plays the character Sheila. Joan owns a boutique located on Chicago's Gold Coast called Judy Maxwell. "I buy lots of funny knickknacks there [at Joan Cusack's store]," said Rossum. "It's like entering the brain of Joan Cusack. Creative overload, weird, happy."

"I trust my instincts," says the star

The "Shameless" star isn't driven by what handlers tell her when it comes to choosing a role. "I go with my gut," said Emmy. "Which generally serves me pretty well."

"I was a theater geek who loved opera, and wasn't into 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys," she also said. "But I owned my weirdness."

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